06 Feb 2012

A couple of people have emailed me asking me to comment on reference to .
First of all, SaLuSa calls it a trip to , when I was under the impression, that the itself is called Neptune. So is there a slight misunderstanding regarding what SaLuSa is talking about? Is it the same as the Joyride Trip? I guess perhaps.
One has to be able to read between the lines in this today. Interesting choice of words by SaLuSa through Mike today regarding the cabal joyride psyoperation division of lightworker community, otherwise known as “Joyride”..:
“Naturally we need to be aware of what Michael is doing, and have been following the events associated with the trip to Neptune. What we must however stress is that we have our own responsibilities, and would never interfere with the mission of another, in the same manner that we would not interfere with experiences that are your own . Look at it this way Dear Ones, it is no one else’s place to deny you the experiences you need to advance your evolution.”

This 1st paragraph also means to me that SaLuSa is talking throughout the entire 1st paragraph about , not about the Joyride, which he calls “trip to Neptune”. I understand that what SaLuSa is talking about here is the fact that he is aware that supports Mr. Beckow, and that he and the GFL cannot interfere with ’s learning experience and growth, and his mission by speaking telling Mike what to think about the Neptune Spaceship or planet.
Once again, we have to not interpret things litterally, and read between the lines here… and remember that Mike does support for years, so SaLuSa is limited by Mike’s free will in what can be said through him…
Key for me is: “we would not interfere with experiences that are your own creation” which clearly indicates to me that this is OUR OWN CREATION, and nothing to do with GFL.
Later on, he adds : “ has quite clearly informed you that in the course of time”
showing that now is not the time and of course reminding us that he belongs to the Galactic Federation… NOT TO SOME “” possible CABAL run psy operation in order to promote disinformation, nor confuse lightworkers… as far as events have proven so far.
SaLuSa certainly does not say that the Neptune Trip is genuine.
This site does not support the 2012 Scenario claims concerning Nesara, neither the Bridge Funds, nor an alleged Neptune Joyride Trip. As other lightworkers, I believe this is a psy operation of large scale, providing fake channeled messages, and fake spaceship trips and reports.
* Please read all channeled material with DISCERNMENT *
Of course one choses to believe and interpret words as best suited to one’s own imagination and desire.. whether based on reality or not…