Feb 5

Dear Steve,

I have enjoyed your website for over 2 years, your research , your articles and the selection of channeled messages and inspirational writers such as on the 2012 . I have been a moderatior on the 2012 for about 8 months and I had been a member of the editing team on the 2012 website.

However I have started to have serious concerns and doubts regarding the claims makes during her private readings with 27 entites, against almost $200 per hour. This is the time when your focus also seemed to move from exposing the dark cabal word wide, and you began to give stage to Linda’s work.

I have no more doubts, after this last failed prediction, coming from the same source that her intentions are deception. After all, she has predicted that millions would disappear on 11-11-11, she has predicted 3 or more failed Disclosure dates, and as many dates for the Bridge Fund to materialize. My boyfriend is asking me every single day where is the money from the Bridge Fund… and he just asked me to ask you this again. So where and when we will receive funds? People are relying on this money. Do you not find it deceiving to keep leading people on on this matter?

My partner is still waiting for us to receive funds since last December and we are now in February. And still nothing.

This last claim, coming from Dillon of organizing a space trip fascinated me, and I was willing to buy into it once more. I am sorry for that, in truth. This entire experience has brought me nothing more than endless debate, unbalance, emails, and time wasted.

We all know Galactics are here, we all see them. We know from Drunvalo only 1% of the alleged channeled material is genuine, and such people as Linda Dillon, wishing to make fame and fortune for herself discredits hard working people, such as , who has never asked for a penny.

Whatever your decision is, I am really disappointed for somebody who claims to have discernment to place so much exclusive trust in one person, with unconfirmed sources from valued channelers.

I would have expected to make contact with the GFL and SaLuSa, not so much with , which sounds like Linda Dillon’s of Love scheme. No channel has ever mentioned such a thing as the of Light, nor a being such as Grener to my knowledge.

Furthermore, just because somebody pays exorbitant sums of money for a channeled message, does not make the channel accurate, nor reliable.

We all recall Jesus’ reaction when he found out that commerce was taking place at the church and what he did. So he must have really changed a lot in 2,000 years for coming through to Miss Dillon for her to profit from him. Why would he do that?

I love you a lot, and ask you to take a break perhaps, come back to Earth, re centre and think or rather feel things through. Certainly nobody of good intention wishes you to leave the scene, but please reconsider who you place your trust with. Many people are willing to follow you blindly, and are kind not to cause others hurt.

Not many lightworkers or people in your entourage want to make you come down from the heights of fame and power. Miss Dillon may also want to reconsider the veracity of her contacts, my readers are communicating to me and her rates perhaps. After all, how 3D is charging people insane amounts, on a repeated basis, after all the advertising provided on this website for her services?

We all want Disclosure to happen, however, it has to come from above in my feeling. When we are all ready for it, as a mass consciousness. Disclosure is not an enterprise for profiteering for anybody. Disclosure is an act from God, and only He can decide when and how it will happen.

Here is the take most of my readers are taking, here is an extract from an anonymous reader I have received several emails on this matter from:

On the subject of ’s Neptune trip:

It is clear beyond any shadow of doubt at this time, that this venture has not come to pass, was never going to come to pass, and will never come to pass.

It is also clear that the reason this event didn’t materialise is because the pertaining to it was not coming from a reliable source.

The channel for this information was Linda Dillon. The person responsible for disseminating and interpreting this information was Steve Beckow.

We would be wise to ask the following questions:

1. Was Linda Dillon deliberately misleading the collective. Possibility?…… Unlikely.

2. Was Linda Dillon covertly co-opted by either astral entities, or by alphabet group technology, and was thus unwittingly misguiding the public. Possibility? Likely.

The reason for inflitrating Linda Dillon’s mind, and distorting the messages that she receives, is to fragment community and de-rail the disclosure movement.

It seems that this black-ops effort has already met with some degree of success.

Steve Beckow, being passionately committed to Disclosure, is apparently prepared to latch on to any and all communication in this respect, and seems unable to discern truth from fiction.

Many people who are also committed to disclosure have unfortunately fallen foul of the misinformation that is the essence of Linda’s communications.

It now behoves those of us who have woken up to this delusion, to attempt to limit any further emotional and psychic damage that may have already been done.

That effort could start by distributing this brief report to any and all interested parties / groups / blogs etc.