Dear Readers,


I am not sure will I keep posting messages at all in the coming in the future.. obviously all sources seem to be infiltrated on that front in the light of the recent events. I am not sure of what happened in the recent .

As a I am considering giving up channeling .. Too much going on to be entirely genuine I think at this stage for my liking… While I have no doubts about the beings that I have been in contact with so far, of their good intentions, I have seen their ships, I have interacted with their ships, they have helped me and guided me on a personal level, and the being I know as has helped me out of various dark attacks many times.

I have seen tangible proof of their help to me, to fix my computer internet connections. I know these beings are genuine and real. I will continue channeling them, but I will no longer publish them until I am confident I understand what has been going on so far in the latest events. As a channeler, I can not afford to be used by entities with a double agenda for us.

I have to say however that the SaLuSa I have been asking personal questions on the Neptune trip always told me that the GFL preferred to remain impartial in this. He has often pointed out at 4D beings interfering in this in our private conversations, however in order not to add on to confusion he and Settufeut preferred to remain neutral publicly in this and look at the opportunities of alleged "Neptunre Trip".

I will probably. continue with TAUK channeling my Higher Self and God.. I will at least give the GFL messages a break for a while, untill more light has been shed into these matters..

If lower 4D negative entities are passing for Ascended Galactic Beings, I have no interest to continue working with them…