7 February 2012

Hello everyone, today I would like to try and channel my first message that I have received from those who guide me. I have truly been blessed especially in these last couple weeks. I can see purpose behind every event in my , I feel closer now than ever to my higher self. I want to share with you this message in hopes it will help you as it did me.

Hello there voyagers! Life on this earth is truly a unique, challenging and at the same time, an exquisite, thrilling experience is it not? To experience the depth of this novel dualistic experience is quite beautiful is it not?. It is fair to say that some may say, “How can this world be beautiful from all the negativity, and chaos that run rampant in this world?&; Ah, but what I see is beauty. I see many of you including this one, detesting fear, grief, and the challenges one faces. You think it is some sort of punishment, even though you have all done accordingly to your divine blueprint. You see Life on this earth Is truly a Thrill.

But again “What is so thrilling about this life that is often overcome by fear and grief, it is unbearable.” I say to you, many great Beings have come to this very earth knowing they will experience those very vibrations of fear and grief. Yet why would anyone wish to come here and experience such a detestable thing, yes? You see we come here not to experience fear and be defeated by it; we come here to feel the fear and the grief to triumph over it! My, what a thrill it is! To triumph over the lower vibration is truly an experience worth bragging, not only does it speed your evolution but it can be necessary if you are to understand the true value of Light. Many of you are great beings of Light, yet you have still chosen to come down here. Some of the many reason you have come down here as you may already acknowledge, is to be of service and help humanity in this , as well as further your growth, understanding of Light, and what it means to think you are separate from all and Prime Creator. Thus in the same way it is also to acknowledge what it means to be a part of all and part of Prime Creator Love. There have been cases as you may have heard of Great Beings, who have “fallen” off their path of Light, but no one has really fallen of their path of evolution, one reason may simply be to remind them of what it means to be Light and to be part of Prime Creator Love. There is nothing wrong with that, it is fine what they do for all eventually return to Source! Bliss, ecstasy, nirvana, you call it can easily be accessed in the higher dimensions, and that is why, experiencing duality is such a unique and thrilling experience for you connoisseurs. That’s why many great teachers have and will tell you again not to focus your life on the comforts and pleasures of the earthly world because not only do most of them hold consequence but they are trivial in comparison to the pleasures we have in the higher dimensions. What is important is not physical wealth, it is to find the light that you brought over from the higher dimensions that is inside you, that Is you, that Is the source of your power and wealth. Life is but a fleeting for you humans, so we ask you, take hold of it, grasp it with all your might! Forget about your worries of social status, financial status, and what have you, it is like building a house out of a deck of cards, it is bound to fall, and many try and build it again and again. We wish to remind you how many of you rushed through the "lines" to try and incarnate here; you took on whatever position was available to experience this most thrilling . Yes, this most auspicious in which you triumph over the dark! Bravo! The experience to triumph over this arduous battle is unlike anything, especially when the odds where stacked against you. Remember its not really a battle, it is more like a match, and just like in any match you win, you must thank and honor your opponent, for giving you this experience, this lesson in which you were able to grow and hone your skills as warriors of Light! I know what i say here won't resonate with everyone, but i felt it was time to look at things through a different scope. As you finish up the last lap, you can feel the joy and gratitude filling up your hearts as you reach the finish line. As you look back, you see every step was guided and planted by your own conscious decision; every step was part of the whole process of getting you to the finish line. Everything, Everyone, is part of that Divine One. So please do not detest your lessons and ordeals, for it is your , not your enemy. I know there are many that take on very arduous paths, and I ask you to call upon your guides and higher self, and ask for assistance to understand from their point of view behind your ordeal. They all have immense faith in you, and they would never give you more than you can handle, if things get to rough, you can expect a of rest and ease to follow, for you are taken care of by loving beings. Thank you all for your courage, and we will continue to do what we can to help. That is all. Namaste