Message from Ascended Master, Paul the Venetian
Channeled by:
February 23, 2012

, none of you have to verbally affirm that you are devoted to trinity of the Divine Body, Father, and Holy Spirit when your eyes and gentle smile glows with the purity of this devotion and of love. You eagerly lend a hand to those in need or because you have found your generosity booming in selfless activity that brings out the good in everybody. When you have mastered your virtues they will exemplify the commitment you have silently made to yourself and God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. Once true peace has entered your mind, body and soul, the dear child who has accepted God into their hearts will drop all facades and truly ‘love thy neighbour’ as they love themselves.

The sweetness that pours from your presence pours forth expressing your divinity that brings instant comfort, peace and gentle, silent healing to those you accompany. Accepting the Trinity of the Almighty Spirit into your being brings forth Spiritual Illumination that will envelope you and fills you with renewed and that will direct the next course of your journey. Dear children, even when you reach this pinnacle of illumination it is wise to learn to not speak ill against any other person that is still learning who they are. Each of you that have woken to the Lightened path are all at different levels of awareness. There are children here such as this dear vessel who has been awakened her entire life, and there are some who found their calling a few years ago, whereas some only weeks or days are discovering a bright world that much to offer than once realized from prior learning.

When you do choose to speak and give advice, give only non-biased opinions and express the brilliantly shining love you have for God that fills your heart. Even the most outspoken person will learn to curb their frankness and become gentle through inner reflection and commitment to understand that all people are different. Each person learns and understands differently and it is important to remind yourself that there are many people still investigating their true selves. Be gentle, remove yourself from giving Egocentric opinions and love each and every dear person unconditionally and gently guide them with the loving heart that truly exists within each of you.

Many of the problems that exist in your own world and those across the planet can be transformed in the Flame of Love. Learning to love and embrace what is going on within your own living environment is a good place to start. As your consciousness grows into congruity with your some of you will find that your divine moving within all of your chakras. When you feel a blockage, or that you are hovering within a certain aspect of yourself, make a heartfelt call for the transformation of the blockages to be dissolved. Ask for guidance from the specific Masters who work within each of the seven main chakras and learn how to clear and maintain balance of these hard working vehicles that maintain your spiritual . Invoke the Violet Flame asking it to press through you, and to purge your spirit body from any darkness that may have attached itself and to lift your chakras to their prime working state once again.

The loving gestures you make with your hands when you speak that aid to understanding and body language, I ask of you to imagine those hands as the hands of Christ then see your hands no only as Christ’s hands but of your Christ Self. Imagine your skin to pulsate with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Feel your Christ Self expand through the Frequency of Christ with the pure unconditional love that resides in your heart for all men and all women. Your own self-awareness within your Christ Consciousness will become most fulfilling and bring forth an amazing amount of contentment. Dear children you will find healing from the depth of this soul deep love that has never been without you. Many never thought to look so far. Love dear children is the All that is needed for All mankind.

Part of discovering yourself through your Christ Consciousness is learning to love yourself first. You are beautiful and beauty shines around you all the time. There is nothing on this dear planet that is not beautiful if you are looking at the nature around you with love. See your Earth as the colourful planet it is. It is easy to take what lies around you for granted. You walk the same way when going to a familiar park or store, or drive the same way to work or the local shopping centre. How often to you notice the beauty in the raindrop, or daintiness of the delicate and beautiful snowflake? A robin announcing Spring is around the corner is a beautiful sound. The cry of a newborn infant is a beautiful sound to any parent. The smile of a child at play and silence of a solitude moment is beautiful. Beauty that exists every day in your part of the world is there for you to enjoy and it speaks volumes dear children. See how the hand of God is within you and all around you when you view the ladybug with her vivid scarlet body.

To walk within nature, even if this means you must drive to where there is open space of a natural forest within a park setting, or a mountainous range which you are familiar with, it is worth the effort. Many dear children find themselves deeply soothed by the closeness of nature, especially after successfully moving past a difficult challenge that brought on great transformational change. Look genuinely around you and see with your heart the nurturing effects of nature at her finest. Stretch your hand to feel the bark on the trees, the smoothness of the grass, feel the protectiveness of the trees and their shading canopies on a warm day. Adjust how you see. Learn to bring into play other senses as well as your inner-knowing and absorb the energy that is there to share with you. When you are able to see what is living around you, a newer level of admiration and respect takes hold of your mind because you heart has just expanded with unconditional love for the generous and nurturing wondrous colours of that automatically feeds your with renewed zest and vigor.

I work within the Heart Chakra and the Pink Ray of Divine Love, compassion and charity. Your Creative nature and natural inner beauty are important qualities and with my unique and loving guidance I will show you the way of Divine Love through action. This means moving from the contemplative love to placing forth the effort to be loving in all deeds, in all action; through thought, written word and spoken word. You will learn to be unconditionally compassionate and be able to lift another’s soul through endearing and soothing words of comfort that are truly sincere.

My dear children, each and every one of you has creative capacity. Many ignore their talents, or they don’t see that creativity lives through them all the time. Again, I ask you to look with your heart, with love in your eyes and see how creatively you chose bright coloured vegetables to add to your dinner, or arrangement of flowers and plants that have been tastefully created, look at yourself and see the beautiful person that is there. Not all creativity is in Art or Music dear children. Many show their creative genus in writing stories, poems, plays, etc. Look around you and see all the creative prospective projects you can develop into action and complete. Peruse through a book or magazine and create a planter pot mixed with colourful flowers and green foliage. I give you examples when I already know you have your own ideas. Through all the reading and learning you are doing, it is important to take creative breaks. Allow yourself to open to more awareness of yourself and the world around you. Allow yourself to be drawn to new to a new craft or a project that you can add your personal flare to. There is nothing you cannot do, you must believe you can. Success is already within each of you.

Know dear children you are profoundly loved by the Holy Trinity and always loved by me. The deep admiration I have for each of you grows constantly as you continue to grow and develop further along your spiritual journey that also has an enormous impact on your daily life.

And so it is, Ascended Master Paul the Venetian through Julie Miller