The of - is Within Each of You
Channeled by:
February 5, 2012

As mentioned in previous messages through our divine vessel, inside each of you is the skill to heal yourself by programming your own self-thought that you CAN. Before you can program yourself to think in these terms, you must reprogram yourself by removing any self-doubt, old ways of thinking and doing, and begin to create strong spiritual and personal foundations. When you are able to remove yourself from self-doubt and replace that with self-love that alone will heal your emotional which in turn will aid in healing your mental self, physical and spiritual . To love one’s self completely and unconditionally is your first step in self-healing.

Part of your journey dear children is learning how to cleanse your spirit body from any lingering negative energies that are derived from past trauma from this lifetime or from any other lifetime. You do this through acceptance, forgiveness and love for yourself and for all others completely and unconditionally. Each time you are able to cleanse, accept, forgive and love after each lesson or challenge you are ridding yourself from that has the ability of causing disease to your own physical body if not recognized and dealt with positive love flowing energy and light.

Each of you dear ones are able to rejuvenate yourself. You are able to target the seven outer bodies, your nervous system, , your blood, immune system, chakras, just to name a few. Every particle in your body has an energetic signature that speaks to you a different moments depending on the urgency of that area within your body. With dedication and focus every person is able to holographically heal themselves and reduce the wait time at their doctor’s office. I suggest you start with small things, like the flu or cold. And visualize the part of your body that is experiencing the symptoms. Understand the colours and what they mean. Develop a colour chart and document often to learn trial by error which is never wasted. You will learn to understand what a healthy colour is and what is not. Pay close attention. With the power of your Intent and purity of your love you can do this. I know you can. And you know what dear ones; you have done this already before. How many times have you sat at your child’s bedside while they were sick willing their cough or fever away? I know they have been countless times. And within the next day or shortly after, you dear sweet child wakes feeling better and energized. You do not take credit and you pass it off to the medicine given, but in fact it was your love and your light. You have this ability to heal yourself dear ones.

I see many of you already with raised eye brows. You have always had this power, this ability; you only lacked being taught this and being told. This is not any parent’s fault or caregiver’s. This is due to living in a duality existence. Barriers and information is being lifted in many areas of interest. Allow yourself to be guided to new areas to gain a broader awareness and knowledge that will lead to your own Mastery of Wisdom. Every step you take on your journey you will continue to master unconditional love and master the skill of absorbing knowledge tirelessly. All takes time, dedication and much patience. Patience is significant to all areas of your spiritual journey and personal life. Throughout your journey you have succeeded through many life lessons, which some were quite difficult. Embrace each one you pass through with love that is of the purest intent. Introduce God into your heart if you have not done so already. He already loves you completely just as you are. He has long ago accepted you even when you have fallen down into a dark path that seemed to take so long to find your way out. But He did light your way, and you have found courage and strength that has gotten you through so much and will continue to forward you at every instance you reach into your heart for the love that is there for yourself. God will always shine His light and share His love with each and every one of you. He has never turned you away.

Accepting God into your heart and into your life will improve your journey that is moving towards reuniting with your own dear heart and His. This Oneness is ever so near. When you allow God into your heart, you begin sharing the ultimate gift of all. You begin seeing with new eyes and these eyes are within your I AM Presence. There is a lot of spiritual growth needed here and one must be of a mature heart. Once you are at this open loving stage of your spiritual development you will begin to feel all-powerful – Omnipotent. You do have unlimited power and it’s found within your heart dear ones. Believe you are strong and capable to face anything that comes to your direction. The love you have for yourself, for God and for all others is an incredible force to wreken with. You must be firm with your own beliefs yet flexible when working with others. And you done this also many times, you do this every day. There is so much about you yet for you to discover. I look forward to when you seek my energies at any given time or stage along your journey.

You must walk your own journey, but there are many around you both spiritually and in physical bodies that are able to support and guide you. Even through guidance, it is still you that makes all the decisions and choices. Learn all you can, be drawn to all that interests and inspires you. It is okay to say no with conviction without hurting another’s feelings when you do not resonate with what is being said as long as it is done with love and gratitude. Remember dear ones each of you are at different stages and this is how it is meant to be in order to learn from one another. Learn and guide with patient gentleness. Continue your journey knowing you are loved beyond any measure. Feel your heart swell with overflowing sensation of that you instantly are willing to share with all that you come into contact with. Our time with this transmission is coming to a close. I will resume our discussion next Sunday.

Melchizedek through Julie Miller