7 February 2012

Channeler: Bareld Nijboer

Hello All,

As you maybe know, you all, I am a conscious channel.
What does this mean?

This means I am always conscious when they speak to me. My own thoughts and being are not suppressed like in the “old days” of channeling when one had to be deep Channeler so other beings could get through with their voices and thoughts. I hear their tones as they would say.

This is part of the progress we are making dear friends.
We are all on our way to be able to do these kind of things.
So listen to your hearts , go within and discover the way of knowing the dimensions and its beings.

Today I got through a from a special friend of mine aboard Ashtar and I want you to hear his message and take it in, he is a technician aboard the . This means he is an expert on the new Light codings and DNA restructuring. He knows much but he will state now what you All need to know in the NOW. And yes he is a Lion being.

So please listen to his message.

I love you All,


Hello my friends,

I am Ruba, I got permission from Ashtar to speak with you ALL. I was a friend on Sirius of this Channeler and we of the Command wish to see you all to go into your hearts very soon. You know as well as us, that the Light codings are necessary to heal the hearts of many Earthlings now.

Even more so the beautiful awakenings of the beautiful soul of your planet, you call , is ever so more awakening herself. Bareld, you have seen it in your already.

So my friends,

As a technician here aboard the Command, I wish to speak to you about tones and Light Harmonics.
The frequencies with your Light bodies are now slowly speeding up, we see it clearly. Your tone, as it tunes at the speed of Gaia is very slowly vibrating faster and with doing so your Lights and Gaia’s shine brighter as ever before. At least for over 2000 years now, that is. So by inhaling, with breathing in air, the codings of Light coming through the Ra portal, you can vibrate faster, your Light rotates faster and your hearts shine brighter. When your hearts also connect to the new Gaia matrix we see more harmonics emerge.

We would like to see more of the humans begin with these inhaling and also the groundings in the heart with Gaia. Remember, Gaia is in the heart with you! As our Channeler already knows.

Now turn you Lights on and be soon with us. This is needed for you to see us better. So continue these inhaling and groundings in your hearts.

For you my friend:

I love you dear friend, I miss you!

And for you ALL, thank you for listening,

I am Ruba

Also Ashtar wishes to speak a few words:

My friends,

Do not lose hope, we will see you soon. Keep working your tasks. We monitor and guide always.
The closing of the dimensional membrane is at hand, so keep pushing your Lights forward.
We are pleased with what you have done so far my friends.

Truth will BE, the decree of Source is still set as agreed upon. We send out Love and Light.

So hold on and receive with open hearts.

A dia du (I greet you),