: Good evening, dear God. I am glad to be able to talk with you. I was wondering if you would like to comment on our common efforts last night to meet on a spaceship with Galactic beings, on Dreamwalker’s suggestion.

God: Yes, of course, I would love to comment on it. We see it as an important step for you, personally to how big and wide are the possibilities during what you call . This is an interesting idea for you to explore and work on, Laura in particular with Dreamwalker. He always appears in your life at the right moment, have you noticed that? Is it a pure coincidence? No.

What you call your sleep state, is in fact the moments of time when you are most awake to the fact that you all are . What you call sleep, is in fact your waking state. For those of you who have the possibility to recall the experiences of dreams, this will bring you closer and closer to the real world. When this happens, you will be able to have the full grasp of the dual aspect of your state of living. When you think you are asleep, in actual fact you are awake, and when you think you are awake, in truth you are asleep. Does this make sense to you more now?

Laura: Yes, it does in fact. I have heard of this before, but now I can in fact grasp a lot more the possibility of knowledge available to us while asleep.

God: Yes, indeed. The entire area of the subconscient is where the answers lay. And I am talking about answer for you all to receive directly from higher dimensions. Not the type of one reads from books and magazines, not a mere concept, not accepting somebody else’s ideas without true comprehension. I am talking of pure knowledge downloaded directly into your consciousness, from above, day and night. When you will begin to be aware and realise what happens to you and how this type of is being given to you for free, you will begin to understand what is all about and know the precise direction where you are all heading.

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