Posted on February 24, 2012

[UPDATE 2-25-12 0841 HST: A note to say that is here in Kona, , doing a Convergence conference. He posted an update which is on this page of his blog. There is no mistake that he is here right now, and that all of this financial and other "clearing out the dirt" business is happening at the same time. What is occurring here is radiating out over (and throughout) the planet. I'll post his update here shortly.]

KP: This message, from the group, was “forged” onto paper here (that’s computer screen OpenOffice type document “paper”). It seemed as if it had to be written, and written now.

Now, I admit that I am not comfortable with writing down any time frame. But the message clearly came through as “three days”, with an “approximately” added on to the front, when “high officials will be called upon to step down”. These are stated to be “government positions”. Whose government… not communicated. Which “high officials”… not communicated.

We are asked to be ready for “swift action”, as we “receive inner notice telepathically from your Galactic sources”. What the “swift action” actually is, is not specified. For each it will be different.

“Mass movements” to higher consciousness are occurring, and some will be called to higher elevations, apparently in a physical location sense of the word. Reference is made to an increase in clarity, of all of our senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair-radiance). And that those who operate from the “intellect-only” closed-mind mode may experience “spectacular explosions”. I presume this means, hopefully for them, “spectacular awakenings”.

We are encouraged to radiate our Light in all our affairs, and to operate from Joy. “That is your Highest Guide.”

February 24, 2012 (2-24-2012)

We are now in communication with the Higher Self of the one known as Kauilapele. We are also known from your “skies” as the group from the Pleiadian star system. We have found this one to be particularly attuned to the Pleiadian communication system and his energetics matches many of ours.

Please read all of such communications from other [other than Earth's solar system] with Higher Discernment turned on. This is always helpful as not all messages are received or communicated clearly, and with the precise intent of the originator. Also it enables each to utilize this aspect [Higher Discernment] of their Higher Mind.

We say to you that a number of high officials will be called upon to step down from their governmental positions within a period of approximately three days. This may be altered somewhat. However, we ask that each of you be prepared to take swift action as you receive inner notice telepathically from your Galactic sources. Each has their own. Pay attention to sleep dream messages, as instructions will also be conveyed in this way. These messages are from our realm, however, these are messages from what you might call your future Higher Self that has come back to communicate in the current time realm.

This one [KP] currently wonders if this message comes through precisely. We say, yes. It surprises him to see these instructions and this message with a time domain stamped within it. However, it is as aligned as we are permitted to align.

Some may say that their role is not significant. To those we answer that, as their intent is to awaken and ascend in consciousness (, as some call it), then their paths will be cleared for their missions in the next phase of this.

As all accept the incomings at this time (we speak of higher energies, increasing in vibratory intensity*), there will be mass movements to higher elevations, in awareness. We speak not here of physical elevation. However, many will be called to regions of the physical planet where above sea levels will be large.** And all may assume that their clarity will increase. Their clair-, -voyance, -audience, -radiance, will increase. They are seeing, hearing, radiating, higher dimensional essence. Can you see the higher colors? Can you hear the higher sounds? Can you see, sense, know, the Higher radiance emanating from each individual being? In particular those groups of beings who have joined in harmonic intent, to rise, to serve those who are rising, and those who wish to rise?

We might say that, how we see this, in your simple word of awe, is… “Wow!”

Many still cling to the intellect-only evaluation of these events, occurrences, risings. We say to you [the "intellect-only" ones], be patient with those things you do not yet comprehend. Be understanding of your own limited perceptions from the 3D only. Be aware that a true always retains an open mind, even in the face of things he/she does not understand. Open minds always permit expansion. Closed minds often give rise to spectacular explosions. The explosion into a new understanding, no matter how painful to the intellect, is always welcomed in our realms.

Source: Kauilapele's Blog

Now say we, continue to radiate the Light you were born with. Continue to expectantly anticipate these great changes upon this planet earth which many have “prophesied”, “channeled”, “communicated”. One eternal moment at a time, be with Joy, within, and in all of your affairs. That is your Highest Guide. Your Joy. Our Joy. We are with you, in this Eternal Moment.

We are asking this communicator to leave the comments open, as some will have additional input for this topic.

* [presumably this means, "frequency" () and magnitude]
** [presumably "above sea levels will be large" means, "very high physical altitude"]