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Beloved Ones, it is I, .

I greet you in expanded frequencies of enjoyment, of peace, and the joy of being who you are at this time of the acceleration of the Shift.

As the noise around you accelerates, and this is punctuated, so to speak, by the noise around this channel at this time, as the noise of the holograph increases in the month of February, it is extremely important for you to stay aligned with your truth of your essentiality and your expansiveness in how you flow through the seams of what is shifting, what is being rearranged across all levels of Creation, and all levels of beingness on your .

The frequencies I carry in this transmission allow for a release from the rigidities of how the access points of those points of reaction within your space where someone can throw you off, so to speak, can be triggered by the noises, by the distractions around you, and this could be as simple as a friend saying something that makes you feel upset, or a family member disturbing you in a reverie of enlightenment, or it could simply be a bill that needs to be paid, or the taxes that need to be filed.

And so it is, the energetics, as I have said, that I bring, allow you to integrate within your space a set of fluid dynamisms that allow for the rigidities of the old game to be continue to be released from your frame in a way that is most aligned with your highest divine blueprint, and allows you to recombine with aspects of divinity that know how to thresh through that which is a mixed bag of experiences, and savor, so to speak, that which is the nutritious aspect of the field, that which can be brought forward for , for amelioration, and for enlightenment.

And so it is, the opportunities of the month of February presage and reveal to humanity how it is that the aspects of pecuniary worries can be alleviated in the co-creation and the co-creative aspects of rediscovering how it is that hearts can come together to assist each other as the months of possible downgrading, in many respects, can play out on your planet.

And as the instabilities of these times can reveal for all how it is to integrate the possibilities for co-creation from the heart space, and support each other, this will be revealed to each one in ways that will surprise you and will allow you to fluidly flow in ways that allow you to claim what is your own wheat, so to speak, for consumption, letting the chaff go, and allowing for, in these opportunities, for you to farm yourself into the labourer, the one who is fully attuned to the full understanding of Earth and and Gaia, so you are fully in tune with the shifts that she is creating at this time to most easily allow for the entire planet to move into higher frequencies of light and enlightenment.

And so it is, the opportunities to reconvene, to re-analyze, and to re-distribute aspects of truth within your own conception and alignment of Self and the world will reveal to you also how it is to re-distribute your own attention points amongst those around you.

For the month of February has some potentials, as I have been alluding to, for there to be noise around you. And as you can choose where to focus your attention, it will reveal to you where you are directing yourself, for this co-creative process with Spirit, for this time of , is very much being driven by you, so to speak, as you drive the machine which threshes through the fields of , and allows you to choose your pathway.

It will be very important to notice which possibilities are available and then to align with that which is most favorable for you. Sometimes it will be favorable for those around you as well, and sometimes it will not.

For, sometimes, there will be a knocking on your door saying: “I need this. I need that”. But you must look at it and say does it serve you at this point.

Perhaps you can help them later. Perhaps you need to help yourself first.

It is in this realignment that you nourish yourself and find how it is to keep the integrity and purity of that which you are threshing from the fields to allow you to claim your own succor and redress.

For the victim consciousness is being revealed and released in accelerated formats for those who are conscious at this time, to allow yourself to claim the right to define your path, to define your own nourishment, to define your own of beingness and truth and, in these possibilities, and in these reclamations, and in these times of enlightenment, you create pathways for many, for you show others how to nourish themselves.

And so it is, if my seems a bit forceful today, it is to put on your radar screen, so to speak, that February is a time of accelerated change, and the sense of adventure that can accompany it, and the sense of self-succor and redress, are the frequencies of fluidity that I bring to allow you to most easily navigate through these times.

It is one where it can either look as if it is a glass that is filled darkly with that which is disturbing and chaotic, as world events continue to unfold in your holograph, or it can be simply seen as an adventure, as much is being reorganized and re-shifted into new potentials of reorganization and of freedom for all.

And so it is, I will ask you as you go through this month, if you are so open to it, to continue to hold those who are in turmoil on your planet in the light of love, and of freedom.

See them as co-compatriots to you, so to speak, in the human condition: those who are fighting for their freedoms, all across the world, whether it is in the , or in other parts of the world, for those who are being still mired in violence across many parts of your planet, let them be given the hope that you feel. Let them feel the potentials for all of this to be changed. It is indeed unfolding.

Yet this month, which is why my message is forceful today, this month of February is one where a tipping point occurs, so to speak, so that as March unfolds, and the new timelines are set very much in motion, it is how much you choose to focus your attention on your own self-love and self-beingness and nourishment that will determine what humanity co-creates as the Shift accelerates very much on the March Equinox.

And so it is, beloved ones, if you can be humane in your humanity, if you can be fully silky in your own understanding of your own body’s beauty, and relish and nourish yourself in your own resplendence, so it is that the aspects of this time will continue to keep you fully aligned, for we in the higher planes, and Gaia are working effortlessly to show you the synchronistic steps of how best to navigate these times.

And as you look back, as this time proceeds, you will realize how critical this month has been, of February, for it is the dance that you choose to follow, the steps that you create, that will create a new jig, so to speak, for others to dance as they see how you have navigated through times of constriction, and found a fluid way to align into new possibilities of beingness and of truth.

And so it is, as I have been speaking, these energetics of freedom, of fluidity, have been working through your frame in alignment with your highest good and working with your Higher Selves and your guides.

And these frequencies now alight across your chakric field and move you into a sense of ease, and of peace.

[Mother Mary tones]

The energetics of re-combination into light are upon you. The divinities of revealing the truth of your own expansive ability to be the creator are within you, and are being revealed at this time.

So, navigate in ways that claim your sense of adventure and certainty, claim your right to know yourself: which pathway to choose, and how best to till the fields, to thresh through that which is combined, and that which is mixed, and noisy, to claim what is your own ability to nourish yourself, to claim your own succor and redress, and in this provide nourishment, succor and redress for others across your planet.

For the light that you hold, the certainty that you claim, the expansiveness that you create allows pathways for others across your globe to have a more ease-filled transition as these months of accelerated change move forward.

And so it is, as this transmission now comes to a close, I would like you to take a moment to simply acknowledge how beautiful you are, how magnificent you are, how courageous you are.

Know that all obstacles, all senses of being trapped within victim consciousness are an illusion.

And you have choice in every moment: how you choose to focus your attention.

Make this month count. As much as you can be in love with yourself, you create the pathways for a very accelerated timeline to find you in joy and in peace, as the Spring Equinox unveils itself.

Blessings, beloved ones.

I am Mother Mary, and you are most loved and honored. Blessings.

© 2012 Shariq

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