Merlyn’s Cave

It started with the message: “I Am the embodiment of Love.” Then We went to recess and practice. There were visits to many and realities where I remember living and needed to do some healing. I was able to accomplish this with ease.

Then, again just as I was waking the lessons began. I was giving and receiving. I Am giving and receiving. I witnessed a new and improved world, One of the of Our evolved world. I would say it is a probability. I witnessed the redistribution of and wealth.

Here is where it (My vision/class) may start to get a bit strange for most people. The rich were giving money to those willing to let go of -hood. As I have been been saying and feeling (saeling) for some time now, these folks are advanced souls playing the part of villain (to most of Us anyway). “They” can tell psychically/telepathically who chooses to experience and live in being a , in need, poverty or mediocrity, etc. and who is ready to release this mentality.

Again, a note about the rich. “They” are playing “their” part, trying to force Us through and nearly strangling Us, to get over being the victim. “They” have “their” hands around Our throats, hoping We will say: “Enough. I’m not going to do this anymore.” At which point “they” would release “their” hold over Us and help Us to learn how to live in plenty and ease. Often, when We begin to turn blue without giving up Our victim-hood “they” give in and release (or loosen) “their” grip so We don’t die that way. Many of Us are ready to die for Our that We are unworthy and are victims and need a savior. We would probably consider OurSelves loving martyrs.

So, as I became willing to own that I Am the embodiment of love, willing and worthy of the abundance of the uni-verse, the abundance of ME I was given much. I was given money, love, attention and the knowledge that I was free of need.

That is another concept that is hard to grasp. Need is such a foundation for Our current existence, it is such a deep rooted belief that it is very hard to even conceive of getting passed this. We believe We need and that is a belief most of Us are very willing to take to Our grave. As says: “Argue for your limitations and sure enough, ‘they’ are yours.”

It seems rather funny that when I got money I no longer thought/believed I needed it.

Then, as I allowed My beliefs to shift, I became aware of others living in and others joining this reality. It is becoming more and more popular. I had a talk with some of the “rich” from My old(or current depending on perspective) reality. I thanked “them” and acknowledged how hard it must have been to play that role. “They” didn’t see it as any harder than playing the victim but it did hurt to be trying to (and being seen as trying to) kill, control, manipulate, impoverish people.

Somewhere in here I became aware that there were versions/aspects of the same people here who are also entrenched in limitation 3D. That gives Me hope, a lot of hope.

In My semi-waking state this All seemed to happen in a few minutes. In My (altered?) state it went on and on. I experienced moving back and forth between realities and dimensions and taking/bringing things back and forth. Knowledge, money, technology, love and such I took into My 3D world and the memories and storied I carried into 5D to share.

In a visit to limitation 3D I experienced the resis-dance to letting go of the need belief. We have proof, We know, Our very existence is evidence that there is need. There are people, babies even living in poverty and dieing of starvation. There is no way to convince anyOne who is “dead” set on these beliefs that there are other possibilities and I won’t even try.

To those who are willing to at least consider the possibilities of possibilities I have several possible answers. First: Is it You? How much does it affect You? Is there anything You can do about it right now? If You were able to have a lot of money by changing Your beliefs could You begin to do something about it?

The rest is NOT for the feint of heart. It is not (YET) for the normal or even average person and it may not be for You.

Those people living in poverty, slavery and starvation may be there by soul contract and that would include the babies. Can anyOne blame a baby living in sickness and poverty for opting out through disease or starvation?

The people living in poverty, slavery and starvation may not actually exist. That could be a construct, a delusion that We create to proof, to provide evidence of Our beliefs. This is a hard One because very, very few of Us will accept that We are that powerful or capable. We do NOT believe enough in OurSelves to believe that We project Our beliefs and call it Our life and/or Our world.

Another possibility is that poverty, slavery and starvation are an alternate reality where versions/aspects of OurSelves and others have chosen to exist and explore and experience. This is kind of a combination of the other two.

All of this gets into the realm of constructs (which would appear to be) vs. reality. I believe All reality is a construct.

Source: Galactic Free Press