23 February 2012


So I thought I would bring up a topic I have no recollection of seeing any information about anywhere, ever, and that is channeling yourself into devices like computers or iphones (I will NEVER own one even though they are nifty and have and you can take photos and post them on fb and have how can it be suddenly we all have them and I feel left out GAAAHHH STOP IT f*** ZOMBIEphone!!!1! ok now you know I don’t really care for them, just sayin’)

Where was I oh right.. yes, so imagin for example that spotify are just an extention of your and in that part of you, there was the database for all songs ever sung. By you for you (yes by US for US may be more spot on), and this part of your knew what you wanted, liked or needed at this precise point in time. What would you do? I really want you to think about how you would operate it before I tell you how it works for me. I’ll add a channel from my higher self to help you from skipping thinking for yourself. 😛


~So, was is is was who cares NOW. This NOW is now is then also. WE care not about that. All that IS is. No more, no less. WE love you no what.
Valkyries* are turning, whitehats are winning. There are many levels you are not aware of that are playing in. Many levels of yourselves. This is incorporated in the overall plan and are manifesting NOW. See to the news (not just mainstream) for nothing and indications of these levels unfolding. READ them with heart.
No longer are bullshit allowed. It is now see thru.
The coming together has happened on several levels that will now allow you to come together in the NOW in physicality.

Some in dark places were born there to be champions for the light, though appearances did not match.
This they knew. This they choose at soul level and many have knowings they are being called to action.
They have been waiting a long time in hiding just for this. For you to shine. For us to come. For us to BE ONE.
But not all know, some have lost their way. Some need you to show them love again. This they knew, you knew before this started. LOVE EACHOTHER!


*valkyries in my book are the ones of the human race that have worked for the darkside as footsoldiers.
I feel this may need a little story of it's own and will only scratch the surface. From my understanding they have been waiting for the “endgame” with the ultimate purpose of changing the outcome for the best any way they could.
I have found out that my role on a vibrational level attracts and have the ability to balance their .
I have meet several, and they often seem to notice my presence and vice versa.
These two guys I met at a party one time seemed to know a bit about psychic abilities and how to use them, and I would catch their focus on me over and over. I heard him call me sharpeyes to the other as I noticed every time.
There was some idle conversation in group and when the others were in the kitchen or outside smoking the two guys approached me and one of them simply gestured at the two of them and said valkyries, which I was kinda picking up on beforehand. I simply nodded and told them I knew. I was happy, they where the first to be so frank about it. It was kind of strange, and there was a touchable energy like we all knew we should be enemys and not at the same party actually enjoying ourselves.
At one point my HIGHER SELF went on the computer and declared to them: “My technologies are the technologies of the future [paus] My virus is your virus.”

And later that night I got a lovely awkward inward dance and a very honest trying to explain their situation. If I could sum it up for you it would be “singing: -dark room(dancing:tormented hugging himself), -bright lights (blinded and lost and free) if that makes any sens.
As he started to question himself the music broke down and stopped.
“See he fooled you the other one said in a matter of fact way to which I replyed “it’s not really about lying”


OK so have you thought about it?
Someone would certainly say that you should focus on a song in your mind in any way or form and yes you would be right.
Maybe asking the device or program to attune of align with you, and please play this song or that song. And yes.
You would be right, maybe you would ask it out loud? That would be very courageous even if no one was around because your ego might ask what the (fill in with word of your choosing) are you doing!
And so courage is shown by taking a chance and well looked upon in some places 🙂

Some meditation in proximity could also be useful for getting in the right state of mind,or maybe together with some special herbs to help you break the boundaries of perception well I’m sure you have many Ideas and ways that works.
By the way I do not advocate drug use just saying I happened to had smoked some ganja when first experiencing this kind of channeling.

I would give you my single most potent piece of advice for this kind of communication and that’s just go with it. Be in the now and don’t overthink. If you can get yourself into a state of expecting it to happen it will start to happen all the time. Well of course that’s pretty much basic knowledge in these realms and I hear some of you saying, why go there again.. was that the best piece of advice, really..

(no muhaha)
If you could see the song as an extension of yourself and I AM presence it would all make a lot more sense.
And how do you communicate with music I ask you now?
This will be the key, and it works individually and even better in group. Remember, YOU MAKE IT SO!

I AM the Eagle I DANCE! I dance till i DROP then i rest a little and then WE DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!