Third Phase

The keywords for today are emergence, transformation, and metamorphosis. In some way, something new is emerging from within us. This can be anything: a new way to look at something, a new plan, resolution of an issue that has plagued you, a long-forgotten talent, a change of heart, a leap of faith, etc.

The is that of a emerging from a chrysalis. When a emerges from its cocoon, it turns into something that we would say is more beautiful. It goes from being all wrapped up inside of itself to unbounded freedom. So, today we have a wonderful opportunity to come out of something that no longer serves us, especially feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, and sadness, which are rampant now. You can do this by embracing the unknown instead of fighting against it today. This is hard for many of us, but it is a skill that must be acquired in order to effectively ride the waves of chaos and breakdown that are underway.

Some people will respond to today’s energy in a negative, opposite way by being super-controlling or overbearing. If you see this happening in a dramatic way, you might want to take note. These people are going to have a tough time as major changes take place in the world over the next two years. Their fears are extremely high, making them quite volatile. So for today, surrender to the internal machinations of metamorphosis, wherever they may take you