By Gillian

Artificially created portals that cause rips and tears in the protective field of earth are becoming more and more rampant, distorting time, and . They allow the worlds between to leak and stain each other.

One should know that not all portals lead to the Elysian Fields.

Places of crossover come to confuse the six senses. All types of Lines of energy, electrical and magnetic peck away at the natural protection of man and beast leaving one vulnerable and tender-footed. Becoming light filled and soft of will not be enough to keep the wolves away from your camp as 2012 comes to the starting gate.

In upcoming months the belief factor will weigh heavy in the ring, as dark seeks any one that doubts, ready to take one last punch for a knock out finish. Time has been told that 2012 will give you the key you so seek, but time has bothered to mention that it is you who will build the passageway and door the key will unlock.

When all elements come together as new properties are discovered about the element of light. You are a living-breathing repository of light, for you can be nothing else. Let your light shine like a super nova as you explode into new directions of time and space.

Life seems to have a battering ramp as of late as one thing after another come sot knock down your hopes and dreams. Survival mode genetically needs to click in for the human species to evolve and attain desired results. Humanity fluctuates at this point as minds that were once made up sway with the winds of change. Each and every day the balance of light and dark is challenged by life and the choices you are asked to make. Will you choose right or quick and easy will you choose honor or default on your light. An initiation of global proportion is issued to all that will listen to see the much-diluted truth within the dilemma.

You cannot falter from the ‘right ’ for one thought. As one iota of darkened thought will beckon to itself a million equally dark particles, creating heaviness that is denser than any fog.

As you enter this field of possibility your view may become distorted, you may lose yourself for a while. The path can only be illumined by your honorable intentions no other way.

You must constantly monitor yourself for such actions or non-actions.

You are the deciding factor in so many levels of light. Every thought counts who are you voting for in these Light primaries? Do what is honorable and right and sits well in your soul, no matter how hard the choices. There is only ONE choice where the Light is concerned.

What is right for you and the world will sit gently in your heart without question.