Posted: 22 2012 01:08 AM PST

: Please read all channeled messages with discernment, all messages can be interfered with by the channelers’ mind or by lower dimension entities.
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Laura: Good evening, good to hear from you.

: Laura, my lass. I am sorry I have not had the chance to come around and say hi in a while.

Laura: Yes, Al, promises..

Allendale: Well, my pal, not to worry I will still be around, as you know. I am going to have to take a long break. I may have upset a couple of folks in the higher spheres… and I will have to withdraw for indefinite time. Apparently I speak too much… and it may not always be helpful to you all I am advised. I am sorry if I have upset any of your readers or yourself, Laura.


Laura: will you be coming back again though?

Allendale: I don’t really know, it is not like I am really needed any more, my lass. Your world is finally seeing the light and the world cleansing is finally taking place. My services are no longer required, since it will all be read in the from now on. A lot more freedom of speech is on the way to you. Great changes ahead, you will see.

: we are extremely grateful for the Allendale has done for you and for us. Without some of his interventions, whether open or not, things we would be still playing hide and sick with the cabal. His help increased much to your awareness; it is now time for him to return to his home planet, after a long trying period of intense from behind the scenes and sometimes in the open. His role has come to an end here.

Laura: as a living human being, his very different to me and I am not sure am I sad or relieved for his absence. Sorry, Al. No hard feelings, but you are not ascended yet.

Allendale: No my lass, I am not ascended yet, but we will all get there. Will you not miss me at all, then?

Laura: of course I will, and please pop over whenever you have a word to say! I hope I did not get you into any trouble? Well I thank you for all you have done for us and I hope to hear from you again at some point.

Allendale: This is the beauty of it, you can channel anybody you like now, you can channel anybody’s Higher with their permission. It is rather tricky to do, as great love and trust must take place for somebody else’s higher to respond to a channeler. A previous connection must be pre established for a proper communication in that case. And of course, the greatest aim for you all now is to find your true within. You will need your own higher strength and in order to make it through the though changes ahead, because it will be so easy to be lost or trapped in emotions, desires and all various illusions of the mind, this attraction of the outside world, without an inner connection is no longer a workable alternative for you from now on. You will see. I will be pleased to come for a chat once in a while for private messages of course. I thank you for you kindness to me and for your love and trust. Allendale out.

Laura (shedding a tear)