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Monday, 20 February, 2012  (posted 21 February, 2012)  

Question: I have been working with contacting and listening to my guides. Can you tell me if the sent our way is ultimately from our higher or from other spirit beings? How do they know what is best in a situation when I’m stumped and don’t always know if I can trust what I hear or whether I am hearing the right thing.

Answer: Our guides and are in constant communication with us, although we tend to be in listening mode when we ask questions or need something. One way to fine tune that process is to have regular meetings in which you dedicate time to be still and listen for their guidance and talk to them about what is happening in your life. This helps you become familiar with the type of connection you have (your guides will have their own way of talking to you) and gets you in the habit of listening.

The messages come from a combination of sources that include our higher self, our angels and guides, and other or guides who can offer support and . During our lifetime we can change guides many times, as we progress through our healing and transformation journey. When you set an intention for only the highest possible to be present when you speak to your angels and guides, you can be assured that you are not going to be assaulted by lower . That said, fear is a powerful attractor so be aware that when you ask for help out of fear or desperation, as they place you at a lower energetic level and that can impact the level of the who try to connect with you. It’s always a good idea to breathe and ground yourself energetically, connecting with heaven and earth, when you speak to your guides and angels.

 While the information from our guides and angels is at the highest energetic levels, it is filtered through our , including our fear. We can’t get information that vibrates at a higher level than our own. That’s why it is important to release any fear around the issue because the fear will create the confusion that you are now feeling.

Our spiritual team guides us but they can’t tell us what to do. And when we ask in fear, we limit how they can respond. “Show me the lesson I intended for myself in this situation and how to transcend it&; is more likely to receive a response than “Tell me what to do&;. And they don’t know what is ‘best’ for us, they are aware of the potential for the next step because it is what we do in that instance that determines what happens next.

As far as trusting the information, you won’t insult your spiritual team by asking for confirmation. Asking for validation can be like, “Please send me confirmation of this message, in the highest and best way possible within the next 24 hours so that it is absolutely clear to me.” Then make sure you are in listening and receiving mode so you get the message.

Your guides are aware of many different possibilities but you can only connect with those that are at your energetic vibration. They can’t show you all of the possibilities unless you are open to those options, that is why it is important to know your fear and to be open to many different options. The more you are willing to be open to your highest potential, the more you will be aware of new ways of being. That is what they can share with you but only when you are willing to hear them. And they will never tell you anything ‘wrong’ or mislead you but you should always trust your own judgment and intuition. If an answer doesn’t ‘feel’ right, ask where it is coming from, ask for confirmation and then make your choice based on what feels right to you. You will always have another chance to do it differently, that’s the blessing of a dynamic, limitless Universe.

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