1 February 2012


Quantum Thermodynamic Behavior And Empathy

Well first I will touch a bit on empathy and our ability as am which in short is discerning intuitively another’s , thought, or action. Also called clairsentience. Now if your like the write of this article your very sensitive and probably can pick up massive in a crowd and wondering if it’s you or someone else.

Even if you’re a beginner and only starting to remember your abilities I will cover it all here. As I don’t feel anyone should be left out. Now, being in touch with your ability of empathy means putting yourself in the other shoes and feeling what they are feeling . Clairvoyance and other abilities can work simultaneously with this ability. So visions are completely possible with information as well of another while feeling the emotion or telepathy. It is an ability of your second emotional body of the spirit. Physical emotion is the first emotional body.

Now when we determine what electromagnetic is in the discernment we are receiving as we are all conduit of the divine we know how we can approach it and what is our and what isn’t .going a bit deeper each electromagnetic also has a thermodynamic.

When we go beneath our subcutaneous tissue we feel the flow of life throughout us. We feel the surge of life and the electromagnetic and that intuition travels along those lines through us, out us, around us, and above and below us. One electromagnetic flowing up and down in continuous force in its infinite nature. When we flow with that electromagnetic it can take us anywhere in our experience and through interpersonal connections with other persons. We delineate that electromagnetic everywhere we go in our experience as we are the cause and effect of all we manifest.

What we have when we look at the delineation is a thermodynamic behavior and as empaths that is what we pick up on. So I am going to touch on thermodynamic behavior and how this understanding can help you as an empath and what you can do with it.

Now when we look at thermodynamic behavior we see the first which covers basically the feeling a thermal equilibrium . Two bio-physical beings in a state of unchanging temperature. The will feel like room temperature for example or there is a feeling of an unchanging or frequency to the filed around you. This is felt when the two bio-physical beings are in exchange of small random unchanging frequencies between them.

As an empath you will feel the constant flow and when feeling relatively earth based or room temperature in the feeling this is when what you are discerning is at a thermal equilibrium of thermodynamic behavior in the around you and through you.

Now the first law of and how we will look at it in thermodynamic behavior and what you pick up on as an empath deals with when you pick up on a discernment of a or something having an internal change of temperature or thermodynamic of that or thing enclosed to itself and the amount of work being done by outside systems the thermodynamic being supplied or stimulus being equal to that there of the or thing with internal rise of temperature.

This means that as an empath what you pick up on may throw you off or unbalance you as you can pick up on either the shadow of a person or a spirit essence of the person and you can by responding through transmutation and self introspection realize that the thermodynamic you put in to balance it then balances what was internally changed by what you discerned.

Or depending on what thermodynamic you pick up on you can let it move you and inspire you raising your own inner thermodynamics and frequency transforming the anger to creative passion for example.

So for example of you are picking up on some ones anger emotion and the information of root behind it as we can feel roots of other being in subconscious we internally can rise with anger and choose to make it our own or for spirits remembering their empathic abilities it may not be easy to tune out these discernments in every day living .

So this is why I mention this and it can easily be made to be your own what is another’s. Its very important not to take on another’s emotions and through self introspection and transmutation when this is encountered in your experience and felt this is what you can do to balance the dynamism of thermodynamic behavior. Reminding yourself too it is not yours .but their’s. also not taking on their thermodynamic of behavior. This makes the law of conservation and that it can be transformed but can not be created or destroyed.

The second law of thermodynamic behavior deals with the art of death and reminds us when we are also physical beings. Have you ever had a day where you just were not up to something or as an empath felt extremely over sensitive ? If your answer was yes then you are not alone. This is the thermodynamic we feel when we pick up on another’s molecular chaos within. We feel the transformation of bio-physical system or thing at a cold temperature or a cold room and we ask ,why? This is why.

This law is the thermodynamic behavior felt when pressure, and varying stimulus’s can over time even out .
For example you are discerning someone who has been on a journey within through a lot and now is currently rising in ascension and continues to do so on their divine path. That is the thermodynamic of the second low ,continued rise over time . The entropy of the being would show that thermodynamic behavior reaching maximum equilibrium within. Hence the nature of irreversibility of nature as once awakening we never go back.

As the ability of empathy rises we learn new ways which are actually primordial in nature but seem new to tune in and tune out to what is going on around us and understanding where another has been and where they are going as we feel their actions and make their shoes our for one given millisecond and let them under our subcutaneous tissue if we choose to or not. It lets be greater understanding and unconditional acceptance of what is in any electromagnetic or bio-physical being .

The third law and last is that nothing can stop and even if you try it simply takes another direction . This is the thermodynamic behavior felt when as an empath we feel for example someone at a stalemate .but really there no stalemate because there is constant temperature drop or rise in any bio-physical system or electromagnetic continuously.

But this law is basically where entropy is established and what energy maximum is available to work with or not and when in a given feeling you will know how to respond and what level to respond from . You determine the entropy of the incoming stimulus and regarding what is not yours and when in empathy responding with what maximum of heart available .

Now in conclusion just some general facts.

You can also feel the entropy around at warm and cold knowing how one will respond or nature ,a plant for example or a person ,what others or how they react to something . The lack of order will be evident as an axiom as the empath feels it. ,that lack of order can be felt through the empathic ability before one even responds in bio-physical action. Then you there have the entropy of their thermodynamic behavior before hand . This can help you understand how to respond in your own heart to the molecular chaos at hand. By determining their thermodynamic behavior and feeling it you know how to respond . These techniques work well for the and can help us determine our own thermodynamic behavior as we put our shoes in the others and truly feel their thermodynamic and maintaining a thermal equilibrium of being.

You can also witness when is sending a thermodynamic behavior at you when for example actions you feel are hot or cold or what is said in linguistics to you . Through each and every projection we witness and project out a thermodynamic is sent within its electromagnetic wavelength. So not only does it have a wavelength but also a temperature. You will feel what is when you discern it. A colder thermodynamic will accompany a heavy wavelength most times and a warm thermodynamic a lighter frequency .