Message from , Lord Lanto
Channeled by:
January 30, 2012

You live in such diverse world; so many challenges to deal with so many different personalities mingle with you everyday via in , through , telephone, etc. You are gaining each and every day you manoeuvre through each and every one. True comes from dearest children. You may read all the books you find in the book store or library, but until you put that information into practice, what you have read is only words. Just like the many different relationships you have, whether you are parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle brother or sister; instead of simply reading from quick glances or cursory acknowledgement doesn’t give you the knowledge that leads to your . It is so important to understand first. Every instance you speak to another either from spoken word through the phone or in , or through written word it is crucial to not pass judgements regarding the to whom you are dealing with. You do not walk in their shoes and the harm that can be a result of judgements can cut very deep, depending on the other ’s sensitivity. Being a child of also means you care about your fellow man/woman and do not wish to cause them any pain or grief.

The drawbacks from giving into your Ego self during any communication or interaction with others that includes being judgemental, biased with your opinions and being careless creates a negative field of that attaches itself to all that is involved. At some point all interactions, if you have noticed enter your minds, you remember and sometimes you have little imaginary talks to the same one but differently because you know deep down that the situation could have been handled better. Now the one receiving the judgements and so forth could discover lower self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, and other low feelings and emotions that creep in over time. I know it’s a in progress to communicate in a loving and compassionate manner but nothing is impossible and I KNOW you can be kind and so do you. Remember , not all people you meet will be at the same level spiritually or of understanding of what you are trying to convey. Patience is a key ingredient for any interaction that has the potential of flare ups and misunderstandings. When you speak from your loving , leaving you Ego aside, you will come across strong, caring, and kind. These are attributes that will be remembered and appreciated for a long time.

The more you practice Self-Love the less likely you will give into your Ego and less likely be hurtful towards others because you will be a living, breathing example of God acting through you. Not only will you learn to love yourself you will love yourself unconditionally. You will learn to love yourself for all the low character traits and for all the high character traits – you are a combination of both. You must accept every aspect of yourself and love yourself completely and be honest of all your faults and of all your perfections. Any fault you find is your opportunity to change and improve. The creative process of connecting to your own divine self is a work of art and requires diligence, perseverance, honesty, unconditional love, self-compassion, focus, consistency and patience just to name a few. You already have all that is required dear children, take the time to see yourself as truly a person worthy of your own love, worthy of your own respect and kindness. All the struggles you have championed through helped to create the beautiful person that has a heart that is never rigid or restricted. That child is you. There is much more ahead of you, your purpose here is not yet over. It is never over because you continue to rise and climb the ascension ladder in every lifetime. All that you are working on now is preparing yourself for the next tomorrow including the tomorrows of your future life. This is why it is important to make each and every step on your journey into the Light filled with love-filled actions, words and thoughts. Make a point to meditate with self-love in mind and for the love you have for God who has guided you through many dark times. Do nice things for yourself, and share that warm and comforting love with others because it will become infectious. When you are feeling wrapped up in love and in the embrace of God, you WANT to share the good feelings with others. You share with your time and with your presence and you share unconditionally because it FEELS good to share. Sharing makes the heart grow and expand even further. Just when you think you already have a big heart, it grows and gets bigger. {{Smiling}}

Celebrate your greatness dear children. There is nothing limiting about your abilities; quite the opposite you have unlimited power and its all inside of you waiting for you to access. Release all negativity about yourself and rejoice with laughter and smiles. Your unconditional loving heart is where your great power resides. And through this love and through your heart is where you will learn to live from. All choices will soon; if not already will be made through your heart. You are surrounded by choices every day, right up to the time you go to bed. Make the best of all your opportunities as each one holds the purpose of learning and gaining more knowledge which will also increase you wisdom. The smallest minute choice can easily provide the biggest of lessons. Discern dear children and choose as wisely as you possibly can. Believe in yourself and trust with your whole heart in all you do. Each moment is an opportunity to practice self-love, to demonstrate in your own creative way the love you have for God, and to be compassionate and loving towards all people you interact with.

Our transmission is coming to an end, but not quite over yet. I have asked our child here to include a simple invocation you may use when asking for me.

Invocation of Lord Lanto
excerpt taken from: Encyclopaedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters: A Guide to 200 Celestial Beings to Help, Heal, and Assist You in Everyday Life – Susan Gregg – page 155

Begin meditating on the Golden Lotus flame that is symbolic of his presence. Light a golden coloured candle and imagine yourself seated in the center of a beautiful Golden Lotus. Allow Lord Lanto to light your path while he guides your thoughts and behaviours. Visualize the golden flame transforming and limiting thoughts or feelings and infusing them with love.

Dear children our time today is filling me with incredible joy and I wish to share this joy with all of you. You are beautiful in every way. Look and see the incredible loving soul you are.

I AM Ascended Master, Lord Lanto through Julie Miller