These words are found in Genesis. They are not some magical syllables that God waved through the Universe. They are a key to using the Law of Cause and Effect successfully. “Let there be …” reveals a of mind, an attitude we can adopt as we participate in the natural process of resolving issues in our lives. These words serve as a reminder not to force an issue, but to realize that Law responds to us naturally as we provide It with the we are seeking. Students often have a hard time letting go and trusting in their own . What they don’t realize is that they are always trusting, it just hasn’t occured to them that they are trusting their fears and doubts.

We may trust what we call “God,” “Higher ,” “life,” etc. Or we may trust our reason, our misgivings, our worst expectations. …. “””Once we recognize that we are always in a state of trusting something””” ….., we may find it easier to shift from trusting something we don’t want to trusting something we do. Always initiate constructive action by thinking constructively, and then let it be. Release all struggle tied to what you desire to manifest. This trusting brings us the relief, peace, and efficency of an aligned consciousness with the Natural flow of a Creative Process that has been responding to your consciousness all along. And this aligned consciusness is a real Presence and in the world.

“Trying creates impossibilities. Letting go creates what is desired.” – Stalking Wolf, Apache Elder