Posted: February 8, 2012

One of the most important astrological events of 2012 has just begun as Saturn's transit through the House of Libra is now retrograde! From February 7th until June 25th a spectacular opportunity has dawned for each of us to heal ourselves of imbalance, restore past misdeeds, and forge unbreakable bonds with those who choose to belong in our lives. As Saturn exits Libra for this October, not to return for another 27 years, this transit will soon culminate a great chapter in our lives and in Earth's history, a chapter that once closed can never be re-written. This is a 'last chance' period of reckoning that will make or break our futures. Beyond the retrograde a cosmic curtain call comes: how will you be judged?

Saturn's Wake

Saturn's transit through Libra began on October 30th of 2009. Since then, and because of Saturn's influence, we have seen or experienced the following: marriages ruined, relationships wrecked, careers shattered, households divided, reputations annihilated, ambitions crippled, finances evaporated, homes destroyed, friendships scorched, and health devastated. Extraordinary responsibilities have been assumed, severe restrictions imposed, and grueling burdens endured. Legal warfare has been waged, venomous attacks have been suffered, and hostilities of all type and degree projected. We have done battle with open enemies, and for the vast majority, the battle has yet to be decided. For any who have walked these paths it is spiritually vital and life critical to navigate this retrograde successfully.

Tormentor or ?

A sane person is well justified in asking: what is the purpose of such arduous experience? The answer is to comprehensively teach, develop, and empower us toward becoming a perfected spiritual being. For those who do not rebel against Saturn's lessons ennobled character, spiritual refinement, and invaluable life wisdom become the most notable rewards. While in Libra Saturn is teaching us to develop exemplary levels self-discipline, diplomatic ability, relationship strength, selflessness, and patience. It is also teaching us profound lessons about the nature of time, peacemaking, and maintaining internal equilibrium. To truly test and develop these qualities we are thrown into the fire so-to-speak, alchemical fire, which manifests through the various life trials we have and will experience. Saturn operates in an environment of extreme discomfort but in this way its lessons are life lasting. In truth, some lessons are only learned, as it were, the hard way. The 'School of Hard Knocks' belongs to Saturn.

Retrograde Focus

To make it perfectly clear this retrograde phase will severely tax those who have willfully sown dysfunction, discord, and division in the lives of others within the context of marriage, romance, partnership, friendship, family, children, domesticity, work, career, business, , property, and philosophy. Others who will pay heavy prices include those who have refused to fulfill the duties, responsibilities, and obligations that life has placed upon them, especially those guilty of various forms of child neglect. Those who find themselves in the midst of disharmony and who owe great debts to others have but 140 fleeting days to adapt to new interpersonal circumstances, dynamics, and life directions while redressing, repaying, and re-creating what they have failed to thus far.

Segregation in Scorpio

Saturn's coming transit through the House of Scorpio will oversee a profound transformation of the material world as well as a physical segregation between those who love GOD and those who rebel against Him. Parallel realities will be erected around each camp, one dreamlike and one nightmarish. One of the most important aspects of this retrograde phase is that one's performance in it will be determinant of what one will experience during Saturn's coming transit through Scorpio. Upon retrograde completion Divine decrees will be issued which will guide the affairs of each in proportion to their merit or lack thereof. On the cusp of a new celestial era, and with so many wonderful things promised to the Earth, now is the time to live virtuously with others and to fill our spiritual storehouses by serving others before we serve ourselves. One would be wise to stock these storehouses before Saturn enters the House of Death.

Libran Alchemy

It is well and true that we undergo spiritual initiations by way of our life relationships. At present ascension comes quickest to those who put the needs of others before their own, even in the midst of extraordinarily demanding life circumstances. This retrograde presents an opportunity for each to beautify their life relationships, a process that begins within. With shameless self-honesty the ego's destructive role on the interpersonal arena must be deeply reflected upon. Where it has wrought damage sincere and effective efforts must be made to restore that damage. Through self-honest approaches, admissions of error, and diligent effort great progress can still be made. Let the Libran virtues of justice, equality, partnership, fidelity, tact, equanimity, and trust serves as guides along your way. Embrace and promote them while asking the following questions: How can I be of greater service to those in my life? What personal changes can I make to create peace with others? What should I be doing for others that I'm not? Looking back, will my legacy be one of honor or shame? For those who have strayed from the Path there is yet time to secure victory from the face of defeat.

Diplomatic Tactic

In the interests of peace and spiritual success I encourage the following for those who deep in their hearts know that there is work to be done: remember and honor sacred vows; use love to decide; respect interpersonal boundaries; communicate with tact; behave fairly, courteously, and considerately; uphold commitments; fulfill broken promises; see opposite perspectives; be accepting of compromise; hear what others have to say; give and receive equally; don't compete, but cooperate; negotiate justly; create new terms and conditions; amicably resolve disputes and stalemates; arbitrate objectively and impartially; maintain composure; acquiesce wisely; where appropriate, provide reparations; eliminate controversy; re-establish and protect trust. Through these means one can quickly align with the cosmos.

Moving Onward

By now most of us have experienced tremendous growth through the experiences that have manifest in our lives while Saturn has been transiting Libra. For those who have embraced the challenges, accepted greater responsibilities, and gone above and beyond for others, this is a time to strengthen, refine, and polish the proven relationships in your life and to make them impervious to any negative internal or external influences; it is a time to perfect. It is also a time to reach back and lift up those who are in need of support and who have yet to adapt to new realities. Those who have and continue to persevere with honor will enjoy vindication and Divine blessing beyond October of this year as Saturn exits Libra. You will move forward to co-create the New Earth arm-in-arm with your spiritual family.

All of the great spiritual masters of old, regardless of specific doctrine, have always emphasized the importance of treating one another with love, kindness, and compassion. As Earth's frequency continues to rise those who choose to adhere to higher standards of interpersonal conduct will also be choosing futures filled with peace, joy, and abundance. We must be true to one another and remember that nothing is hidden before Heaven. There are no secrets, everything is observed and angelically accounted for, and astrologically speaking, where Saturn is concerned, there aren't, and there never will be any shortcuts. The responsibility falls to each. Having read this work, it is now noted that you know. Share these words with those who need them. Be an agent of positive change. It's what we do for others that counts and it's what we do to or for others that determines how we are remembered.

All things become beautiful in His time and His way.

In promise,

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