By Dr Joshua David Stone

The title of this lesson sounds a little like a cliché; however, I tell you my friends, it holds an enormous “Divine Truth” within it. Everyone is searching for Love. Everyone wants Love.


An enormous number of people are searching for romantic love. Almost all people need more self-love, but do not realize it. People are always trying to find more love in friendships as well as family, and with their children or parents. All Spiritually minded people are always trying to generate love and devotion to God and the Ascended Masters, as well as wanting to receive it as well. Love in truth makes the world go around. The entire infinite universe is just a “Play of Love of God!”


R e a s o n s W h y S o M a n y P e o p l e A r e L a c k i n g L o v e


Why then are so many people lacking in love? Most people on Earth are lacking in self-love. Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce. Those who are married are not necessarily experiencing a very high level of love in their marriage or relationship. Most people have difficulties often in experiencing love with parents, children and certain extended family members. Many people do not feel the love for God or the love from God they would like to feel. Most people on this Planet do not live in a state of unconditional love for everyone and everything. If “Love makes the world go ‘round,” how come so many people are not experiencing it to their full potential?


The answer to this question is they do not see life through the “Eyes of Love.” What does this really mean? Love has nothing to do with physical looks, and nothing to do with how much money you have, and has nothing to do with your material possessions or anything outside of yourself. It also has nothing to with being in or out of a family, marriage or relationship. There are plenty of people who have all these things and are surrounded by tons of friends and people but do not really have love.


T h e L o v e C o n s c i o u s n e s s : S e e i n g T h r o u g h T h e E y e s O f L o v e


There is only one way to have love within yourself, in all your relationships and even with God and the Ascended Masters, and that is to see life through your Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence / God / Goddess Consciousness and Mind. This is because our thoughts create our reality and our thoughts create our feelings and emotions. If we do not learn to think with our Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence / God / Goddess Consciousness and Mind then we cannot maintain love.


God/dess consciousness is love consciousness. A person who has trained themselves to think with their God/dess Mind, hence creates only God/dess feelings, emotions, and God/dess actions. No matter what happens in life all they see is love. The stranger on the street is not a stranger, but is seen as an incarnation of God/dess. When someone attacks a person who is in Love consciousness, the person sees it as a call for love, because they realize that the “attacker” is fearful. When a person sees through the “Eyes of God/dess or love,” they are love-finders, not fault-finders!


The “Eyes of Love” are so filled with self-love and love for and from God, they want love from others but do not need it. It is a preference not an attachment. They look at every situation of life as an opportunity to practice demonstrating Love. When a criminal steals something from them they look at this as an opportunity given to them to practice forgiveness. When someone criticizes them they look at this as an opportunity to transcend duality and remain unaffected by undue praise or criticism. When you see life through the “Eyes of Love,” all attacks and criticisms slide off your Golden Bubble of Protection like “water off a duck’s back!”


Those who see life through the “Eyes of Love” see every situation of life as a Spiritual test to practice love and oneness. The more extreme the lesson and Spiritual test, the more the need for love. The entire purpose of life is to see every moment if you can remain in unconditional love at all times. When you see life through the “Eyes of Love,” all one wants to do is selflessly and egolessly give and serve others, for one feels so filled with self-love and love for and from God/dess and the Ascended Masters. When negative things happen, those with “Eyes of Love” do not look at them as negative but as lessons and as happening for a reason. The reason is to give and receive more love. The “Eyes of Love” main purpose for living is to be an incarnation of Love on Earth, but also understands that this cannot be done without owning ones personal power fully and having great wisdom. In other words, to see through the “Eyes of Love,” one must balance one’s Three-Fold Flame, and the Seven Rays of God. To see through the “Eyes of Love,” one recognizes the need for total self-mastery over one’s mind, feelings, emotions, physical body and energies.


The number one Spiritual practice of one that sees through the “Eyes of Love” is to always interpret life and all situations from the Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence / God / Goddess Mind and not the / fear-based / separative / dualistic / illusionary / selfish / lower-self / materialistic mind. So to experience a reality of only love in one’s life one must always be vigilant to not allow Godless and loveless thoughts into ones mind. The “Eyes of Love,” hence is a “state of consciousness” that is so God/dess and love centered, that no matter what happens in life, the person chooses love and not fear, criticism, attack or anger. So as you can see and as you all know, “Seeing through the Eyes of Love” is no cliché. It is the highest Spiritual practice a person can aspire to. So what that you gain the whole world, and even a great many Spiritual initiations, but do not know how to remain in love. Love is God and God is Love. The opposite of love is fear and these are the only two emotions and all others stem from these. To truly see through the “Eyes of Love,” one must transcend fear and fear-based . One who sees through the “Eyes of Love” also practices remaining in “Oneness consciousness” as well. For oneness is the first cousin of love. They go together. For separation is not a part of God’s reality. Every thought is hence examined by the master of the “Eyes of Love” to see if it will create unconditional love and oneness, or fear, conditional love and separation from self, others and life. The master of the “Eyes of Love” experiences only love in their life because they only think “Love thoughts.” “Love thoughts” only create love feelings and emotions. Love thoughts, feelings, and emotions create a love-filled physical body, which is much healthier and more energized. This all creates in one’s Aura and . This attracts and magnetizes more love to you, which creates more opportunities to love even more.


The master of the “Eyes of Love” is also extremely optimistic and never pessimistic. This state of consciousness and vision will see love and positivity in every situation no matter what the circumstance. This is the case because this is how God/dess sees life, and we are made in His/Her image and likeness. The Spiritual path, in truth, is very simple. If you want to be with God/dess in Heaven, then act like God/dess on Earth! God is the perfect balance of the Three-Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power and the Seven Rays, and is integrated and balanced in all things. The essence of this is unconditional love.


The great lesson we learn here is that to truly become an Integrated Ascended Master of seeing life through the “Eyes of Love” takes great mastery, focus, concentration, and commitment. It also takes great introspection, joyous vigilance, psychological and Spiritual work, for it is easy to slip back into the “eyes of fear, separation, anger, attachment, criticalness, materialism, power hunger, fame hunger, greed, upset, unhappiness, depression, grudges, negativity, faulty thinking, misinterpretation, and negative ego / fear-based / separative / dualistic / illusionary / selfish / lower-self / materialistic thinking.” This can occur also in the twinkling of an eye if you do not closely monitor your thoughts, feelings and energies at all times.

So the achievement of the mastery of the “Eyes of Love” is one of the greatest achievements any person can attain on Earth; however, it takes enormous dedication and commitment to “Know thyself,” and keep absolute mastery over one’s attention, attunement and focus at all times. It takes enormous psychological work on self and self-honesty to discern one’s true motives, and to see what is truly of God/dess and love and what is not, for many are tricked and seduced by the negative ego and fear-based thinking and think they are unconditionally loving and they are not.


So My Beloved Readers, strive at all times to achieve this most noble ideal, and remember, those who are the masters of the “Eyes of Love” also know how to forgive and love themselves when they are unloving, and also have the power and wisdom to learn from their mistakes and redouble their efforts each time a mistake occurs. Those with the “Eyes of Love” do not expect never to make a mistake, but they do seek to “Love the Lord thy God, with all their heart, and Soul and mind and might, and to Love their neighbor as they love themselves!”


So Let It Be Written! So Let It Be Done!