Ashtar Teleconference, Feb 7, 2012


"Ahhh, what a story! What a story! [Referring to the Star Wars theme song.] Do you recall that? There’s Truth in that series of movies. Of course there was war and it came to Peace but we want to emphasize what really, really is important, and that is the return to Love. Yes, there were some dark times but in the end it was Love that shone forth. Remember, Ashtar gave that assignment a while back, and for those of you who might remember it, the assignment was to love that little boy all the way through, and then at the very end he returned to Love, even after he had been such a dark evil being. He understood that what was really important was Love.

"Now, that’s exactly what is happening here on ! It started out all bright and shiny and happy, and then it descended into a lot of darkness. There have been voices throughout, periods of renaissance and all of that. But now it is going back to Love, and it is soooo joyful! And where does it start, Beloved Ones? It starts within each and every one. Everybody in the human body, everybody in any kind of an Earth body is welcome!

"Now, you may or may not be aware of this, but the other kingdoms all know that it's the humans that have been steering the ship, and it’s the humans who have, shall we say, the most work to do to get back to Love. So what we are going to do tonight is come together. Now you know I’ve been doing these classes called 'Yes I Can! 101.' Well, I’ve got an announcement – this is 'Yes I Can 102!' We’re making progress, so we’re going to do an Exercise in just a little moment or two.

"What this is about is self-empowerment, which in turn empowers the entire World and the Universe beyond, because the more you light up, and the more you’re in Communion with yourself – and that means connected – the more you are getting your own wisdoms shining forth into your knowing – that part of you which is conscious! First of all, the easier it’s going to be because we know that you knew why you came, and you knew that you were here to be in mission. What you may not know is that you chose the last of your baggage to come and splat you really hard this time so you could get through it and shine, and continue on your paths!

"And so the challenges are coming faster and faster so you can get it all done. And the joy of it is that you can feel more of your successes. You can say, 'Oh, I recognize that one, that one has caused problems for me in this lifetime and others; okay, now I am going to be empowered in my consciousness because I know I AM a powerful being and I shall just breathe right on through whatever it is. And in so doing I say, Okay, I’m done with that one!' And that is self-empowerment and that is preparation for Ascension.

"But let’s back up for a minute. We talked about getting your wisdom into your consciousness. You know, sometimes it just seems like there isn’t any answer for the challenge, but there always is. Sometimes you even have to put it on hold and you have to say, 'Okay, I AM here, I AM a powerful being of Light, and my wisdom is telling me to put this one on hold, and when it’s time for me to have the answer I’ll simply open it up because I know it’s already here.' And you could sit in guidance with your guidance group if you want to check in, and see if perhaps that’s all that you need to do, or whatever.

"Every human is an individual, every human is different from every other human, even though we are all One. Yes, we are all One. Although, I don’t look too human in parts of me, but that’s okay, we’re still all One. So what we are going to do is join together as One, and in so doing, we are going to light you all up. So we have a special room that has been rather beautifully equipped, you might call it decorated, or adorned, for you to come to. We are going to take a moment to get to that room first and then we are going to do this Exercise together. Now, we are going to move together, because I am right here with you and you can hold my hands, or my tail – well, don’t pull my tail – but you can grab on if you want to. If you’d like to fly with me you can hop into my little red sports car with no wheels, because I’ve got to tell you something about my little red sports car, it is interdimensional – it can travel between dimensions.

"So, wherever you want to get on board, breathe, just breathe. Close your eyes, it’s easier. You may want to draw a picture later, that’s fine. If anybody draws a picture, send it on in, we’d love to put it out there for all of you. Breathe. And when you are ready just give a little jump. You see, my little red sports car doesn’t have wheels and I’m in my little red sports car, so we’re not on the ground but we’re right with you, just jump. Come in wherever you want – there’s room for everybody!

"Now, picture it in your mind’s eye – you with me, traveling together. Look around and see all the Lights, that’s everybody else, we’re all One, you know. So we are all traveling together – breathe – this is an easy ride. Now, if you want to see a little rocket, that’s fine, kind of a little rocket flame, you know. And we’re going on up, and for those of you who want to free-float and fly that’s perfect, just stay with us. Just be right with us in your own Merkabas and bring yourselves up.

"Now, look what is up ahead of us! As you get closer you can begin to see the enormity of the ship. We’re coming in slightly above it because I want you to see the name, and the ship glows, you know, it’s quite radiant. And you see the name, and the name is 'The .' That is the ship of Ashtar, and he is ready to welcome us aboard. Now we are going to come in for a landing, very gently, keep hanging on until we stop the engines, and if you are flying free just let your feet touch very gently on the landing deck.

"Now, you will see that it is quite bright – all of these lights come from crystals. The materials are unknown to all but a few on Planet Earth, but the ship glows. Now, we want you to feel the welcome – even on the landing deck – to feel the energies. Yes, you can breath just fine. The atmosphere has been prepared for you, so breathe freely and easily and notice, if you will, that there is even a slight scent in the air of your favorite flower – just breathe it in. We have imbued the atmosphere with the favorite fragrance of each and every one of you, so breathe it in. Just relax, this is aromatherapy, space age style. Just breathe.

"Now listen carefully, there are sounds, musical sounds coming. Allow yourselves to just feel the vibrations and let them flow into you easily and graciously. As you may imagine, just as with the flowers, we have provided the sounds that are most welcoming to you. The purpose being to relax, yes, we know it’s exciting to be here, but we ask that you just relax into the fragrances and the sounds. And as you do so, notice that directly in of us there is an elevator, and this is the ship’s elevator, and it is in the center of the ship. There are others, but this one is the main elevator – it is to welcome all who have just landed on the landing deck.

"So now let us move into the elevator. We can still be holding hands – everybody hold everybody’s hand, there is plenty of room. The elevator has the capability to expand as we come in, so no one is crowded or pinched, everyone just keep on breathing. Here are the wonderful fragrances and the beautiful music. All we have done is just move into this elevator, which of course is crystalline. Now we are on The Jerusalem, in the elevator, and the doors will close. The elevator knows its destination, so just relax and enjoy the ride and you will feel the gentle sensation of moving upward. And now the elevator comes to the most gentle of stops and you will see that the doors are opening and you will know that it is to come out of the elevator now. Take your time, there is no rush here – there is no time!

"And so it is to come in to the Command Center of the ship, and notice that there are wondrous Light Beings there – you recognize Ashtar! And there on either side of him are Sananda and who ride with him on The New Jerusalem when they are not otherwise engaged. And there is the whole company of the ship’s crew in beautiful, luminous uniforms. They are all Beings of Light, but you will notice that there are distinctive characteristics of each one of them, and you notice that some look like yourselves and some are quite different. But what is important, Beloved Ones, is to relax and allow yourselves to feel, because what they are conveying to you is a most definite feeling – it is Love, it is Joy at your arrival, it is welcome aboard The New Jerusalem!

"And Ashtar steps forward and bows in welcome, and now we bow in acceptance of the welcome, and now it is time for hugs all around, so let us have hugs. We are truly One in this Love. And as we hug, the messages of the mission are conveyed to each and every one of us, and we are asked to get back into the elevator now and proceed to the Mission Room. So let us move together back into the elevator with ease and grace in a relaxed, joyful, happy, blissful, uplifting manner. And when we are all in the doors will close, and once again we shall have the sensation of moving upward. We are going up to the Mission Room which sits just above, and in truth is only there when it is needed. Otherwise the ’s Deck – the Command Center – is the highest point on the ship – The New Jerusalem. But when the Mission Room is needed, it materializes.

"So now everyone in this group is totally relaxed and at ease – we have been greeted with a huge, infinite amount of Love! And we know that we are welcome visitors upon The New Jerusalem. Let us now, as the elevator moves up, let us be in Joy, let us just breathe in once more the fragrances and the music. Now the elevator comes to the most gentle of stops and the door opens once more, and we step out of the elevator into the Mission Room.

"The Mission Room is somewhat dimly lit. We can barely see that around the outer circumference of the room, because the room is circular. There are doors, and the doors are not bright and radiant. There are little lights in between the doors, but it is a room full of doors. Move where you choose to move and stand in front of a door.

"Now we are all in position and I, Sekhmet, remain in the center of the room while all of you wondrous, beautiful, beings are standing in front of a door. Now, check in to your Hearts and be sure that you have your courage. There is no reason whatsoever to be in fear – this is unknown to you – but it is not anything except Love that fills this room. So stand in front of your door and be joyful that you are here, and yes, allow feelings of eagerness to know what is behind these doors to well up throughout your entire being. And now that all are ready, we are calling upon the doors, not to open, but to disappear, and in one smooth motion, almost as though I, Sekhmet, had waved a magic wand, the doors are gone!

"Now, before you open your eyes, I am going to tell you that there is a Divine Being behind those doors, and it is for you to greet that Divine Being that you are, here, in beginning of this mission. So now you can open your minds' eye and see what is behind the doors. Who is it? Why, it is you, Beloved Ones! There is a mirror behind every door and you are each the Divine Being that you are here to greet. And so it is for you to feel your own Divinity. Go ahead, blow a kiss! Bow if you wish, and see the Divine One bow back at you, because You Are Divine, because you came with open Hearts, because you came in your Courage, and you stood in your Courage!

"Notice, if you will, the radiant Light that shines all around the Divine One in the mirror. This is you, Beloved Ones, your reflection is there in that mirror! Now, if you will, it is easiest to direct your minds' eye to the very crown of your heads and above. Your mirror is as high as you want it to be, just see all that Light shining. Invite that Light to come right on down so that you are even more radiant, and invite that Light right into your Hearts. Just allow the process, see it in your mind’s eye, see that Light coming down and merging with you even more. You are still shining all around your Being, because what you are seeing is yourself in your Light Body.

"You’re seeing yourself from above. Yes, put your consciousness up above you now, or behind you so you’re looking in the mirror, or wherever is comfortable. In fact, circle around your entire Being as you stand there seeing yourself shining in that mirror. Take a good look and come close into that Light, that radiant Light – you just brought even more of that radiant light into yourselves, Beloved Ones! You watched it in the mirror even as you were filling yourselves while you were standing and watching that mirror. How Divine! That Light is the Love Light from which you are created! Now see it, see it radiating from all of you. You don’t even have to look in the mirror anymore!!! See it from your perspective, all around you, all through you, beautiful, beautiful Light of Love. And let its message start to permeate everywhere in your Being.

"You may start to see different colored lights now as your various bodies light up, you know, your auric fields, your energies of each of your bodies ­­– yes. Keep this connection and let the messages start to come through to you, and the messages speak to you, alone, with special Love and special Joy. And now you’re all connected up. The Light, you see, is shining everywhere in your Being, and you have expanded your Light and now you are seeing yourself as we see you, Beloved Ones – beautiful, shining Love Light radiating and glowing and reaching out and expanding.

"And now the message comes through from you to you: 'I love you!' And you know that it’s that part of you that you think is separate somehow. It’s your God, Divine, Higher Self now speaking to you because you are in Communion. Let the message come to you, feel it in all of your being, let the Light shine into you even more. This is Communion, this is your mission – accomplished – this is your special Being showing you how radiant you are, each and every one of you, Beloved Ones. This is Who You Really Are, this is how you shine in your Higher Dimensional Self!!!

"As you stand there with messages of Love coming in to you and you receive them and you expand even more, you send messages of Love out through your entire being. As you expand, your fields enter into Communion with the ones who stand on either side of you. Pretty soon this whole room, this Mission Room, is one great shining Light, and yet more Light is coming in, and coming in, and coming in, because you are causing it to do so. And now if you will look up just for a moment, you will notice that the Light is now streaming in and out, in and out. It is circulating throughout all of us, Beloved Ones, and streaming out.

"If you will look into your mirrors you see Planet Earth in that mirror, and you will see that Light streaming from you, up and out and to Planet Earth itself. Because you have done the mission so well we are now in 'paying it forward' mode, and that Light is streaming from The New Jerusalem to all of Planet Earth to nuture everyone, to give Courage, to spread Love and Radiance, so that all upon Planet Earth may either join in their own communions or be energized to do so when they are ready, and this is huge empowerment!!!

"And so we send this Love streaming from our Higher Dimensional Beings throughout the totality of who each one of us is, then sharing it with each other and spreading it out gloriously. You can send it anywhere in the universe you choose, Beloved Ones, because you are in charge!

"So let us just breathe in this Love, this Light, this Radiance, this Communion and Higher Dimensionality We Are. And even as we are full of Light we feel less dense. We feel that we can fly! And so those of you who wish to fly right up and out and back to Planet Earth can do so in your own Merkabas. If you will look up just above you, you will see my little red sports car, and those of you who want to jump back into it or hang on to me, let’s all just fly together, let’s all hold hands. One great shining Light of Love, coming from the higher dimensional New Jerusalem ship and coming back safely, but even more Radiant than when we began. And come back in, knowing that you have seen a part of you, and felt a part of you, and known a part of you in this coming together, in this grand Communion!

"And now it is for you to return. You have a boarding pass to the Mission Room anytime you choose to just bring yourself up to the Mission Room of The New Jerusalem and commune with the totality of you, and be in Oneness with that part of you that you call your God/Goddess, Higher Dimensional, Higher Self. If you choose, you can sit in conversation because you have met and been welcomed there and know that you know how it feels, and the truth is that you can do it from anywhere! You can bring the Mission Room of The New Jerusalem to wherever you are, and you can commune with the totality of Who You Are because now you know Who You Are, and that, Beloved Ones, is mission accomplished!!!

"And so it is. We have flown together, we have communed together, and you have moved forward – lit yourselves up and moved forward – you might say at lightning speed upon your own Ascension paths, and you have shone so bright that all who are in honoring of you have seen you, and have witnessed that you have come to know yourselves that much more. So it is that we just ask you to breathe, relax into your beings, and when you are ready, open your eyes. Perhaps ground yourselves a bit on Planet Earth, and if you have a mirror handy, look into that mirror and see the Bright Shining One shining back at you. See yourselves now, Beloved Ones, as we see you from this moment on. Keep that vision of yourselves always in your consciousness and know Who You Really Are, as we know you and love you beyond words.

"And so I, Sekhmet, thank you for being with us in this great mission of accomplishment. Well done, Beloved Family! Well done! And so it is. Namaste! We are complete.

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