12 February 2012

Shekinah "The Heart of The Radiant "

Shekinah is the stellar blueprint of the Radiant Mother, and thus the genetic template carried in the cellular memory of all . It is the remembrance of Her potentially realisable in each of us, imprinted at our inception through the great consummation of Shiva Shakti, the Father Mother creatrix. She is the canvas upon which we are painted as Her children, we are in Her, saturated by Her, inseparable from Her. Shekinah is our awakening, our unlearning, the vehicle by which we return to innocence and there realise the Eternal Truth.In Her alone we find Perfect Love, and through Love alone will we Realise Perfect Truth. Jai Ma! Shekinah is the victory of the Universal Mother flooding the last vestiges of ignorance with Love. The point of transformation where arrogance ceases to be and Love avails simple residency. Awaken to Her inherent within. She rides the Dove of Peace and with open arms receives all beings. Her Heart radiant with Cosmic Love, She showers all with Her Grace. Her descent is imminent, and without discrimination She gathers all to Herself victorious over ignorance. At Her knees there shines a portal of opportunity, a clue to be decoded. Humility is the key, and only when we are willing to fall upon our knees and surrender will we discover the Grail of True Heart. Only at Her Golden Lotus Feet will we experience the true ecstasy of Her Effulgent Being.

The Dove in illustration can be seen to symbolise the "masculine striving principle" surrendering to the "female being principle". The ego is tamed and thus serves only Love. Here the Dove serves Devi (the Goddess) and carries Her into the material world to be realised. The Dove’s crown is at Her feet, and there forms the lower triangle of the Solomon’s Seal, symbolising the descent of Spirit into matter. The Dove carries on his shoulders the ascending triangle, symbolic of the weight of humanities aspiration toward Spirit. From Her perspective this triangle is simply the effortless radiance of Her Heart. She is Love. She need not exercise effort in order to Know this.
The Dove’s crown at Her feet is the key to His receiving Her Perfect Love. He has to surrender to Her completely before he may partake of the ambrosia of Her Heart. His being in His power with humility alongside Her serving Perfect Love creates the conditions necessary to birth the Solomon’s Seal which portrays the perfect balance of the Male/Female relationship. His ascent into Spirit, Her descent into Matter, where they commune in the centre as the Radiant Heart and the Portal to Eternity. This is of course the key to His own Heart, which when he surrenders fully blossoms to reveal the Grail. In the centre of His Heart, (and simultaneously the secret alluded toward at Her knees) is a representation of the Round Table, symbolic of Wholeness and the alchemical fusion of the Archetypal Warriors of the Heart seen seated at the Table as the twelve pointed star of Nobility. Without Her, his heart will not open. He is a warrior, creator. He needs Her in order to Create. This is why a maiden always carries the Grail, for without Her he overlooks it, regarding it as simply another illusion. She assists him in transcending the illusion, and He assists Her in entering the world to illuminate it.
Interestingly in Hebrew the word "Shekinah" means the emanation that Jehovah allows us to witness. Jehovah, being the Male polarity or Father, surrenders and therefore Shekinah is revealed. Alternately Shekinah could be viewed as the "Holy Spirit" or Love of the Divine Mother, Universal Life Force.