Ships of Song: Acceptance Manifests

Monday, January 23, 2012

Focus, clarity and holding your consciousness toward your goals and desires are valuable attributes in creating the reality that you desire. These elements of consciousness indicate that you are receptive to what you desire in your life. They alleviate obstacles, minimize resistance and focus your intent on your goals. You do not need to earn, nor is it your job to create what you desire but rather to accept it. All actions are statements of acceptance. Being creators is being in a state of willingness, acceptance and participation. Therefore, the affirmation that you are willing to participate, willing to accept and willing to be in divine will is the most powerful impetus in creating the reality you envision.

Though the creative process is the most powerful of all acts, it takes the least effort of all. The whole creation of the universe occurred with a gentle, simple, quiet thought. The act of acceptance and the creations of conduits to receive that which you desire is the work at hand for anyone wishing to achieve. Burdens can be made light; faith can be increased as you understand what you desire already exists. You are simply creating an attitude of acceptance and a venue in the third dimensional plane of existence for the manifestation.

Therefore, be receptive and accepting, prepare your reality for that which you wish to achieve. Throw open the doors of possibilities and the windows of opportunity, and allow the sunlight of wisdom and the breeze of spirit to blow though your reality and manifest that which you desire.

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  1. Seth this is such a wonderful story. I call the act of creating: “anchoring the light”. You have anchored a lot of beautiful, high vibrational light. You embody the New Paradigm. Thank you for the inspiration. Louise

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