Thursday, January 19, 2012

Faith is the of in creation. It is a factor in the direction and the manifestation of the creative process in your life. Faith, in the religious , is the belief in the unseen or the hope for a certain outcome. Yet, as indicated by the masters, such as Jesus, have but the faith of a mustard seed and the will be cast into the sea. Now the and the sea are both know entities of your reality; so, perhaps faith’s realm is more than that which is unseen but rather that which is known.

Faith is the conscious content of creation. It is an active driving force not a passive state.

Faith is the belief in your own desire to create and that there is no obstacle that stands in the way of your ultimate desire.

Faith is a state of being. Focus creates faith, and faith is the result of focus.

We speak of faith in God, we speak of faith in a family or a loved one; yet, the most powerful and viable force in all creation is faith in oneself. Faith does not need to be learned or earned. It does need to be practiced in order to alleviate the ’s consciousness of self-doubt and deception.

Faith is the belief that all things work out for the good of those who trust and, in your sacred writings, that trust would be in God.

We would wish to amplify that statement; for, it is a universal truth. Unobstructed, all things naturally gravitate to their highest good because all things are gravitating to the source.

Faith is the removal of those obstructions that would hinder that natural process of return.

When faith is as focus, it is easier to comprehend and to grasp.

Faith is not an illusive but a concrete source of creation.

Focus removes the obstacles between you and that which you desire.

Faith keeps you from becoming distracted, keeping your “eye on the ball.” And you are well aware that thought creates, and focused thought creates even more quickly.

Faith is a tool of manifestation and the most efficient in this plane of existence.

Practice focused thought and become faithful followers of your own vision in order that which you desire be made manifest in your lives

Source: Communiqués