Friday, January 6, 2012

When your eyes are set upon the future, the past fades from your memory, and you stand upon the threshold of the next phase of your lives.

The path of one's supercedes all other interests, desires, wants or needs.

God is not outside yourself, your is not outside yourself–it is all here and now in the infinite and eternal here and now.

We of the universe beseech you to be the light that shines in darkness of your world; for, you are the eyes, ears, hands, heart, and the voice of God in the physical plane of existence.

Your soul reaches out to encompass a truth more ancient than days at the very foundation of the Universe–the truth of who you are and where you dwell.

Live that which you have learned; become the empowered beings that you are.

The ascent of humanity is not some frivolous exercise; it is step upon the golden stair to the conscious awareness of God