January 30, 2012
Prilon and God

[Good morning Prilon and God!] Good morning Suzy. May We take a moment to add to your last message? [Yes, that would be appreciated. That message was spread far and wide and generated many comments.]

Rest assured that while this birth into higher frequency is made, people will be on auto-pilot so to speak. There is no need to worry as to where you physically need to be, or who you are with or even supplies you need to have on hand. Each will this awakening as their soul is best suited for the . Might say only your is experienced by only you. [Meaning each individual ?] Yes.

[Ok, so what I am understanding and seeing in my third eye is that this experience is really so amazingly unique that that there isn’t truly the ability to grasp how it will all go down and each person will have their very own awakening experience..?] Yes, and that end result will be the individual awakening to one of the three choices mentioned in the previous message.

[There are only those three choices? I am seeing many shades of choices laying in between the three.] You are seeing many parallel choices to the three.

As we have mentioned, this is a unique experience, truly indescribable in your knowing and language. We want you to give out these understandings and possibilities to your readers so that they may imagine (create, manifest) this experience as easily and loving as possible.

[Thank you, I think I am getting that better now. My only other concern with the last message was putting out the date of December 21st, 2012… comments?] In this date is the frequency and to manifest this shift. Giving your focus to the convergence of timelines will support the date to bring forth a grand outcome. The date is predetermined by many world cultures and governments currently in existence as the date all will change. However, if the collective consciousness doesn’t support this, another scenario will unfold. Not better, not worse, just different. May we let this information be absorbed before we move on? [Well, sure….Thank you Prilon and God.] We send love to all.

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