24 February 2012

Channeler: Inanna

Fret not beloved hearts of my , your anguish and unease confers great concern upon my harried conscience. The recent passage of your days, have proven to be arduous and grueling for many. Your challenges have indeed been plentiful. You have displayed great strength and courage during these strenuous intervals. All have exhibited immense fortitude and remarkable valor, a splendid testament to your endurance and resilience of spirit. How I marvel and honor your sovereign might and power.

I gently approach you this day, in an attempt to allay your fears and discomforts. As a nurturing and consoling who holds vigil beside her child’s bedside, whilst she soothes and pacifies them during their troubled slumber. Such is my love and devotion to all my children. As a matriarch, I know what it is to feel her infant’s needless suffering and pain, each and every slight or unjust affront against you, is a wound inflicted tenfold upon my heart, which is unmeasured in such an extent of it's unbearable intolerance.

My sole intent is to merely delight in your innocent wonder and blithe amusement, such activities elicits within me, immense pleasure and elation. I am completely captivated, as I harken to your unmitigated laughter and mirth, it has proven irresistible. I cannot refrain but to rejoice along with you, as I observe you dance and sing with carefree bliss and abandon. Each note of , a tantalizing tune plucked from the string of the most heavenly and sacred of lyres, each rhythmic end metrical movement of your exquisite and flawless forms, a perpetuating interchange of celestial energies that inclines the stellar stars of night to dazzle more vividly than before. Your laughter, entrances and mezmerises all and everything, such is your enchantment.

It is via this mode of spontaneous self expression that you possess the creative ability to enable each one of you to manifest much yearned for bounties, to lift your spirited vibrations to the most exhalted heights. It is only though , dance, song and laughter, that mankind finds commonality and unity. It is but the one that has been bestowed upon all humanity that will eternally bind and connect you to each other. , song and joy, has no conception of race, color or creed, it is an endowed loving legacy, a blessed and cherished gift, bequeathed to all. It was imparted by of the most hallowed of your perceived Gods and Goddesses, that you may revel in the our comparable pleasure.

It is without reservation, the divine language of the Universe, comprehended by all cosmic entities, there is no need for translation or interpretation. It is what it is, the freedom and harmony of each soul to communicate effectively without restraint or inhibition. It is but a blessed melody of integrated hearts and a collective pirouette of connected forces which prompts the heavens to erupt in festival and merriment.

My dearest hearts, though the coming days may be fraught with more harrows and strife, bear in mind, you are never alone. Just as you wait in eager anticipation for our final reunion, each day may appear more interminable than the one before. As a mother, I too long to embrace you all, I patiently endure the unendurable, I ache to finally enfold you and hold you close once again, it is my only aspiration.

Each day as the sun rises, rejoice and give thanks and gratitude, no matter what events may transpire to affect your circumstances, all is not in vain and fear not, as you do not venture alone. Take heed that each one of you has been specifically chosen for your unique and gracious attributes. Remember, that each consented to be exactly where you are at present. All is unfolding perfectly and precisely, just as every one of you are softly and gently coming into full bloom, likened to the most delicate and superb of lotus flowers. You are indeed exceptional and radiantly beautiful.

Celebrate and commemorate your good fortune and be proud of your foremost achievements, at being deemed worthy and privileged to be where you are today, at this very minute. Indeed fate has proven be a fickle colleague, which I bear little influence over. It is encrypted into the blueprint of your destiny. Consider that each one of you has a unique song to sing, that is no less precious, nor prized than the lilting chants of a treasured nightingale. When you dance, you move intricately and intimately, in a breathtaking minuette with the Gods.

Lighten your hearts and souls beloved ones, for when you sing, dance and peel with laughter, all the heavens and earth are joined as one. Remember you are truly loved beyond all things.

It is I, Inanna Ishtar, Mother of , who has come forth in much love and peace with the consent of my dearest daughter.