by Laura
[Hi. Spike here. , can we talk?]

Yes, my dear. We can talk. I'm on the line for you any time, any day. You're the apple of my eye, dear one.

[Thank you! Why?]

Because we've been through so much together, you and I. And now we're on the brink of reunion in the flesh. You'll see.

[Okay. Good! How about weighing in on the Beckow/Dillon controversy?]

I don't want to add anything more than I've said to Tots. It's all going to happen, but it won't look like your pictures – the mental image you have of disclosure. We're far more subtle than that. It has to go slowly, by millimeters, by degrees. Your fellow citizens are not reliable. We don't want to stimulate a mob reaction. It will happen. It is happening. Can you train yourselves to look under the surface? To see the clues in the small details? That's where the evidence is for now. Look! Listen! Be aware of the changes. They're everywhere.

[There are lots of reports by abductees and willing participants – people who have been on space crafts. It's not new.]

No, no, it isn't new. that's the point! Disclosure is fact of life for those who have had those experiences. It's a question of proportion. When enough people see us, the whole world will see us.

It's like the Native Americans who didn't see 's ships in the distance because they had no frame of reference for ships. You and your tribe are creating the frame of reference. I cannot stress the importance of this work enough. Your fellow humans have to have the possibility of us in their heads before their eyes can see. Keep promoting what for you is obvious:
We are here.

[And where are you, exactly?]

I am currently on board a craft in your Earth's orbit. We are monitoring events having to do with military/cabal/financial matters. Everything Wilcock says is true. He is a , a modern day . Fulford, too. Ben is an odd one, but that doesn't make him wrong. Nevertheless, we need nice, middle class, middle aged housewives such as yourself to spread the word. Do you see? Your very ordinariness gives you credibility.

[Who you calling ordinary?]

Now, now, temper, dear. Don't get your panties in a knot. You know what i mean.

[Yes, I do. Just teasing.]

All right. Here's my final word. Get your eye off the , and focus on the shovel. One task at a time. One day at a time. We'll get there. Together. Allendale out.