20 February 2012


Hello my name is Cristofer and I have been urged by my guides to share in writing with you some of my thoughts and feelings. I am not your average channeler, I usually use my intuition to guide my action and body and most of my communications with guides and higher SELF is done without language. My specialty is dancing and music and light manifesting a connection of love to be seen and felt here in the physical. I consider myself an avatar in training so to speak and I feel I have come quite a bit with my of who I AM. So trying to get something in words or to the computer don’t really come naturally but I try. I also want someone to play with regarding things I’m curious about like earthbound telepathy and such hopefully someone wants to play with me.
More on that at another time.

From the golden blue flame of LOVE, I AM the and this is my .
Without further ado, let the channelings begin

[Aspects of pleadian divine mother]
~WE ARE HERE dear ones, and by that we don’t mean in some arbitrary way or some fancy heartfelt rhetoric.
We mean to say we are here and always were. On earth, as you, for we are.
Friends let us be clear. We have many walking on this earth, this sphere you call we also call .
You see, part of our consciousness are incarnated here and are in human form just as you are.~

This was the first information that came up, this I already know as my mother has a close friend who was born with much heightened consciousness and is Pleadian(her first words as a child was "I'm here on a mission!").

They had recently been on the phone chatting and I felt that I was involved somehow.
After I sent a prayer to the universe to receive a clearer understanding of the workings of this whole telepathy thing.
This was within minutes of my mother and her friend ending their conversation and I heard a voice in my mind very clearly but assertive saying “Listen!” and one second later the phone rang, same woman, very brief call but I knew it was proper hands on guidance.


A couple of days later I asked if someone was willing to share with me and this is what came to me.

~This is , first contact team one(haha) (feelings of pride about beeing on the first contact team, and a joke involving "one" not really understood at the time)

(me) -Greetings commander, what is it you want to share?

First let me say it amuses me that you still doubt your skills to the point of wanting to google me for confirmation.
(I must admit it took a freakish amount of willpower just to not immediately open my browser and do just that)
Next let's say that it has already begun. This you know personally and still you doubt.
Yes the image flashing in your mind is the pillars(of light), also know that there has been activity around you and
this is the source of paranoia* felt at an earlier stage. This is not to scare or buff the ego commander, it is simply so.
As all channels say things do move around. Do not say you were not warned for should you listen with heart you would know. GAME ON
All be well, in love of love, peace!~

*Had a period with feelings of being targeted with negative all the time from everywhere, the image is of a blue light flashing and filling portions of the sky very strongly on several occasions, real experiences I’ve had. I had an understanding that this was conveyed for me to know I understand at least enough and that my reasoning was aligned.


Next day I wrote a test in school, but seeing how I can’t seem to get any information based in the old paradigm into
my skull without my mind spinning around, acting like a baby. Well, could just as well be me just not wanting to deal with the situation and just being too lazy or smart to believe that it will be useful at all. Anyway,
so after a quick calculation of the test and how much I knew about it drawing and doodling seemed more like the right thing to do.
Seeing how one was not allowed to leave in the first hour (I had to stop myself from running out the door sheepishliy asking
them how they planned to stop me. Oh I know, I’m a suuuper rebel!!).
Either way I decided I would take the time trying to channel some as I was happy to try with good ol' fashioned pen & paper.
And to get my thumb out of my ass. I Cleared my mind and sent out an intent communicate.

~We have been quite busy, preparations are under way. Public messages soon to be revealed.
How can we be of assistance when you do not believe. Oh but we can 🙂
This is time for actions dear ones, this is time for feast!

[this next sentence I’m not really sure about, but seems unproductive to leave out just because I don't totally understand andnot wanting make a fool out of myself. I did erase it to leave it left out but I change my mind]

As we enter time thetadoctryl(??) poles will ionize leaving greater resistance futile and actually assisting the awakening.
We come before you bringing this: what if you are we.
Galactic commander signing out~


And here I think I’ll leave it for this time, remember my reason for this is to learn and challenge as well as myself those who think they cannot do it themseleves. I notice there is still a little resistance in me to accept these messages as real even though all my experiances tell me otherwise.
This thing is happening so don’t stand in your own way! <3 cristofer.siech@gmail.com <3

'I bow to no one, I bow to ALL
With much love, I AM the EAGLE