25 February 2012

Channeler: Mogaly

Dear beloved ones, we contact you through a new channel , as he is very eager to receive messages for the good of all. we are going to discuss the inevitability of the loss of ego. Eventually all humans on the surface of Mother will go through a process of ego . Our channel has alerted us that this is a term for a level of consciousness reached through the use of Psychedelic Mushrooms. The ego human kind will be going through is similar, but a much slower and more intuitive process. is one of the many products of this event. It is no coincidence that these mushrooms cause Ego Death. Mother designed these organisms to be shared with Humanity to aid in . Those of you who have plunged into their effects will agree that is one of the biggest parts of the “trip”. We don’t recommend that every human go try these mind altering items, but those of you who wish to may go right ahead, as there are few repercussions for infrequent usage.

That being said, it is inevitable that all humans will go through this process of removing the parts of their being that are not in line with the new realities and the new way of being. Many of you wonder when the first gunshot will be heard to start the race, but there won’t be one. There may be a day where one will decide “today is the day shit got real” but that day will fall on a different date for all of you. It has actually already happened for some, but not for the global view. Not yet. What can be expected is internal realizations, and following those realizations. Eventually this will carry over to all humans, and you will collectively realize who you truly are. The doubt many of you feel about this entire event is not your own. The doubt many of you feel is of those around you. The unfortunate thing about negative thought patterns is they are both pervasive and require being expunged. The only way to expunge anything is to experience it, so, any negative thought patterns that cannot be properly processed by many beings gets funnelled to those to those who CAN expunge it properly. Many of you have experienced this, and may not even realize it.

Back to the topic of Ego Death, we sense there are still many of you who cringe or feel mild forms of fear around this subject. We assure you, it is not the death of who you are, it is the REBIRTH of who you are. Right now, you are wearing a costume. A very well designed costume that is similar to who you are, but not fully. When you realize who you truly are, you will begin the wonderful process of realignment to your true being, which is all life at once. Don’t fret, as every last one of you has a team of wonderful friends and family there to help you. Also, the constantly intensifying stream of from the galactic centre is helping you all on a personal and individual level. Even the Sun himself (there technically isn’t gender, we should state) knows precisely what qualities of light you need and when you need it. All you need to do to continue further along this process that most of you have already started, is to completely stop thinking of the past or future, and only think of what is in front of you to do. This may involve planning the future for your business, but as for yourself, don’t worry about a single thing.

Every last life on this planet, down to cell life, has been neatly planned out so all you have to do is what is in front of you, and what’s next after that. Life doesn’t need to be complicated. Life doesn’t need to be constant worrying. Stop thinking about your taxes. Stop thinking about that Visa bill. In a matter of a few short months, these words won’t have anything close to the high-valued meaning they have now. Sit back, relax, and meditate. Or sit back and do whatever it is you enjoy doing the most.

Have you noticed a much larger burst in creativity lately? That is no coincidence. Ride the wave, see where it takes you! We can say from our standpoint that most of your careers will be doing almost purely what you love doing the most. Do you love to draw? Do that. Do you love to write music? Do that.

When you stop thinking about the future and the past, and only concentrate on what you are doing, you will notice a very large increase in happiness. What that will bring is the good things in life you have been waiting for. They don’t come until you are happy enough to bring them in. Lucky for all, happiness is just a thought away. Continue living in the moment, and any time anybody shakes that up, smile and remember what/who you are. It is a bit tricky in these times, but that is what we are changing. When finally enough people start doing this, the gunshot that all have been so beautifully, amazingly, patiently waiting for, you will realize it happened a while ago, and you were too wrapped up in your new “career” paths to notice.

That is where all need to be. Doing the things they know deep down, AND on the surface, that they truly should be doing. For those of you who still don’t know how to kick this into action, start by verbally and mentally handing your will over to your higher . Then, alter ANY negative thoughts, and we don’t mean bad thoughts, we mean thoughts that use negative words like “no” or “not” or “won’t” into the inverse positive. For example: “Man I sure hope there is no traffic” can be turned into “Man, I sure hope the roads stay clear” and so on. There are many examples for this, but this is a definitely great step. The universe doesn’t pay attention to negatives, so when you think “no traffic” the universe hears “Oh, traffic? done.” Keep this in mind when you think about things.

Focus on the positives, and they WILL happen. As for current events, we cannot divulge much information right now, as there are still many souls devoted to the dark cabal who will share our valuable information and attempt to hinder various events. We have the means to control them, but we would rather things play out naturally, as they are now. But, we can say that we are fast approaching the first peak of the roller coaster, and we are glad to see many of you with your seat belts on. This is a metaphor, of course.

On a final note, we would like to remind you that, the more you do what you love, and the MORE YOU MEDITATE, the faster things will happen. These events you are so preciously waiting for, are in actuality waiting on you. Meditate for many hours a day. When you get past a few blocks, it becomes fun. It becomes rekindling with old friends. It becomes seeing things you thought were impossible. It no longer becomes a chore, after just a few blockages are removed. Meditate and be creative.

Note from channeller: I think we should all plan a meet-up date. We should all meet together on one date, discuss what we know, and meditate. Question: why hasn’t this happened yet? I would love to get this going.