Our planet is evolving in a wonderful way! While talking to a friend about the meaning of 2012, I recently realized that I have vividly lived through its transition, from the 60’s until now. I have been consciously here for the whole story.

In the 60’s we were inspired by John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and . We watched men land on the moon and broadcast back to us. We saw the first picture of our Earth from space, shining like a blue and green jewel in the blackness of space. It was a birth of ! I was a part of a generation that was aware that peace was the only way to live. We realized then that materialism devoid of spirit and love was empty. We brought a war with to a halt with our protests and identified with the civil rights movement in the South. I avidly followed the news, and read every book I could about , and the civil right’s movement.

During this time there were assassinations of three beloved leaders, one right after the other; first Jack Kennedy then his brother Robert, and then Martin Luther King. We were left in shock, our idealism crushed. African Americans rioted in blind rage in three of our major cities. But, life went on. The civil rights movement gathered its leaders and has continued its to this day.

Some of us who were so filled with hope and idealism went on living our small lives, raising our children with our ideals and filling our jobs and homes with as much love as we could. I quietly held all of this within my heart and turned my attention to learning the principles in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. We were told that our meditation was “Seed Work;&; I did not know then what that meant. With that and my family, I had a full time job. Later I poured my idealism into teaching small children.

There were many others like me who were quietly building the foundations for the Shift in Consciousness, each of us building our own small lives in our own corner of the world.

The united work of all of us is making its appearance now in the thousands of groups everywhere. These groups are enthusiastically teaching peace, meditation, and spiritual principles. Their members are in the millions and their work is well known by people everywhere. The “Hundredth Monkey Effect” kicked in long ago. We are all “washing our sweet potatoes” because a sufficient number of us have learned how to focus on what is important. The Shift in Consciousness is a fact today. Our seeds sprouted and they grew.

The of society in the 60’s, it seemed, could not be changed to contain this vibrant new . The masses of people seemed to forget its high point and turn to materialism in the next three decades. But, some of the bravest warriors continued to fight for , moving into politics, science, social movements, journalism, nutrition, and other vocations. Some of these warriors are still here today, still fighting as leaders of the vanguard.

Life has gone on and many years have passed. Here we are at another crisis point in our history. The structure of society is not working, financially, politically, ecologically, and many other ways. But, out of crisis comes change. We know a change is badly needed and is coming. We cannot see how it will happen yet. Will it be sudden and shocking, or gentle and well integrated? Will we know it when it happens? What about the “Occupy Movements”? Will they create more chaos or progress? Do they need a leader to be effective? We are at a junction again, and there is a lot of energy for change. How will it happen?

I don’t believe we need leaders so much this time. This time we are interconnected by our Souls and the Internet. Movements spring up spontaneously and everyone gets involved at the same time. I am observing that when everyone in a community gets involved, the people win. This time the structure is ready for change and the people are organized. I think we will see more of this as we get closer to the end of this year.

What I think is happening is the organic unfolding of our true spiritual consciousness as it bursts into the physical world. I see these flowers of consciousness blooming everywhere at the same time. Change is not being imposed from without. It comes from within so it is in harmony with the other lives of Earth. It has taken all this time for the soil to be ready for the garden. But, it is beginning to bloom. I can see the first flowers.

I believe that December 21, 2012 is a marker. We will look back on this time, as a time when change first appeared, just as we look back on the 60’s as a time when change was born, and seeds were planted. The spiritual consciousness of our Oneness may not be in full flower by then, but the physical world will never be the same again. It is the beginning of something wonderful!

Many Blessings!



Source: Galactic Free Press