was a brilliant inventor who discovered many amazing technologies. Now an organization named the Pheonix Voyage is preparing educational videos TV about his life and related technologies, and a non-violent video game related to .

by Hank Mills
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Everyone in the world should know about Nikola Tesla. Without his contributions to the world in the form of a long series of inventions, the world could be a very different place today. Instead of living in what we consider a "modern" civilization, we could be stuck many decades behind in a far less technologically developed world. 

To spread the word about Tesla and his inventions, an organization called the Phoenix Voyage http://pvhi.info has started producing a twelve animated video series. Each part will focus on one of his inventions and the trials and persecution he faced.

The following is the description of the series from their website. 

"Tesla's Dream, produced in format (3D animation), is an educational show introducing Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant humanitarians in the history of mankind. The 12-episode series includes actual characters of that time, news regarding other inventions and world events. The productions are enhanced with period music and architecture at the turn of the 20th century.

Set in Tesla's room at the Hotel New Yorker, as well as the locations he spent time in throughout his life. Each episode will focus on exploring one of Tesla’s inventions as well as the trials and tribulations he experienced as each inspiration was developed."

You can view a trailer about the twelve part video series below.


The videos are being produced for, "television, educational establishments and the world wide web." I assume they will be available for free on the internet.

In addition to the video series about Tesla, the Phoenix Voyage is also producing a non-violent video game series called the Phoenix Missions. The game allows players to explore the world seeking out new inventions and inventors. It is claimed to be an alternative to the violent video games that are sold on the market. Instead of shooting monsters, players will be using their minds and learning about exotic technologies.

Here is the description provided on their website.


A "Use Your Brain Non-Shooter Game": Investigate, Educate and Solve Puzzles.

The learns about cutting-edge technologies while traveling the world (virtually), visiting real life websites, and learning about modern day visionaries making our world a better place. Game locations have the visiting cities around the virtual world searching for new technologies and inventors. Each game chapter includes four levels. The must complete one level to advance to the next level. Many games today expose the youth to the horrors of war, physical harm and destruction. This game is without .

The game will be distributed for free, according to Phoenix Voyage. To support the development of the game and video series, there is a donation page setup with contact information. There is also a "ChipIn" link where people can make donations towards the video game. It should be mentioned that those individuals who donate over certain amounts can obtain in-game advertisements for their company or products.

Although the videos and the games are in a fairly early stage of development and may not have cutting edge graphics (yet), I think the Phoenix Voyage organization is off to a good start with them. The best thing about the video game and episode series, in my opinion, is that it will further the knowledge of Tesla and his inventions. I will be looking forward to watching the full video series when it is finished.

I am curious how the game will not have violence when Tesla's lab in was blown up in an effort to kill him. I think that bit of violence should be included, to make the video game historically accurate. The world needs to know that the power barons of his day were desperate to stop him from advancing his technology, and providing to all humanity.

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