The second Initiatory Gateway of Light ~ Transmission from the Elders

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Welcome, my sweet friends, this is Anrita Melchizedek, and I am going to connect shortly to The Elders, Ancient Celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek, to bring through more information on the Second Initiatory Gateway of Light which starts on the 2nd of February 2012.


Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now as you accelerate the essence of your Beingness into these higher dimensional frequencies of Light. And indeed, what a Now moment, sweet ones! You entered into the “Twelfth Wave of Ascension Gateway of Light&; on January the 23rd, and from are now moving into a deeper level of shifting and creating change within yourselves. Know that this change is upon you in this Now, sweet ones, and the focus through these initiatory Gateways of Light assist in a deeper level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness and taking you into the Christed Timelines.


Through the month of January and the seventh ray of Ceremonial Magic ~ the Violet Flame of beloved Saint Germain ~ changes have been effected and created within the body and at a cellular level in order to bring a focus to this first Initiation “The Birth of Christ” and control over the physical body. Sweet ones, you are putting new structures in place as you access the templates of this New Earth, this fifth dimensional frequency of Divine Love ~ moving from the third and then the fourth dimension, into these fifth dimensional frequencies of unconditional Love, this center of Love within your hearts, this center of Love through all creation. This initiation was primarily creating awareness of how you look after this physical Temple, the Body of Light which you are creating within the physical body; and brought a focus to considering changes needed to be made within your daily habits, such as eating, exercising, taking time out for yourself. As this continues through the essence of the in self-love and self-nurturing you move into this second Initiatory Gateway of Light ~ “The Baptism“ ~ through the sixth ray of Devotion and Idealism ~ which is primarily about letting go of desire, of control over the emotional body, as well as a deeper level of devotion to Mother/Father God. In essence this vibrant indigo flame of Devotion and Idealism takes you into a deeper level of reverence with Mother/Father God, and of honoring yourselves as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, in service to and all her life, through the ability to truly trust and surrender to the Divine. This initiation is related to the emotional body, and the sacrifice and death of desire, as we have mentioned, sweet ones, for desire itself can take you into the imaginings of a fine mind ~ or into inappropriate relationships in which you compromise on yourself. What is being cleared emotionally, sweet ones, and accelerated at this time are the old patternings and conditionings, the shadow aspects of yourselves, as you move deeper into the Christed Timelines, into this zero field energy of Divine Love through the 144 Crystalline Grid of Unity Consciousness, Overlighted by the twelfth ray of One Unity Consciousness, of , and in this month of February, this beautiful Indigo Flame of Light.


Let us start, sweet ones, with the focus on creating your personal stargates of Light as we tell you a little more about this initiation “The Baptism”. Focus on your breathing, on awareness into the breath, of your posture. As you breathe, sweet ones, expand the lower abdomen as you breathe in, and contract the lower abdomen as you breathe out. Have a sense of this orbital breath moving through your body, through the chakras, out the hands and feet, and along the spinal column, energizing your body through the essence of yourselves in the magnificence of Who You Are as these multi-dimensional Master Beings, as you merge now with your I AM Presence, the Highest Light of who you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.


Feel this connection now, sweet ones, into the crystal heart of Mother Earth, as you ground yourselves into this sacred crystalline frequency of Light within Mother Earth, into her sacred heart, and with this find yourselves within the Unity Grid of Divine Love. In your sacred space now, sweet ones, connect to the Lightworkers and starseeded ones and the Beings of Light from On High, and now to the collective Higher Light of all humanity. Breathe in this essence of Unity Consciousness ~ bring it in to your personal stargate, this portal of Light you are creating into the higher dimensions.

Focus now, sweet ones on the sacred Solar Sun Disc within the heart chakra; for you are becoming these Solar Beings of Light and this first Gateway of Light takes you into Solar Christ Consciousness as the Earth herself ascends in Light and becomes the Spiritual Sun for this solar system. As you expand in Divine Love, in vibrational attunement into Solar Christ Consciousness, feel this expanded sense of merging with all Life, sweet ones.


And now bring a focus through the Solar Core and the Sun; to the Central Sun within Alcyone, to this Galactic Gateway of Light; and through here to the Great Central Sun. Experience yourselves merging into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, as you are taken into these frequencies of Divine Love, the templating for this New Earth. Connect now into the Inner Earth Sun, and to the Inner Beings of Light within these Cities of Light, these underground cities known as Agartha and Shamballa ~ feel this sense of connecting, sweet ones, on all levels of your Beingness to the Cosmic information present through these multi-dimensional activities of Light. Wonderful.


Through the Planetary Grid now, bring in the frequencies of this sixth ray of Devotion and Idealism as you surround yourself in this beautiful Indigo Flame of Light, of connecting at a deeper level, sweet ones, to the essence of your Godself, in truly trusting and surrendering to the Divine. This means, sweet ones, of truly “letting go and letting God” ~ for it is through the old structures, of patternings and conditionings that the imprinting of the old cellular memories and holding patterns are still contained within the body, and create a “lack-of” in various areas of your lives, expressed through the emotional bodies. In truly “letting go and letting God”, in acknowledging the sense of movement forward through the Christed Timelines, this is experienced through the lower bodies, and the essential Self, in full realization, is coming within the Soul consciousness of the body as you express yourselves in deeper levels of self-mastery. As the DNA encodings of Light are more greatly activated now at a cellular level, and through the Golden Solar Sun Disc within the heart chakra connecting in to the twelve Golden Solar Sun Disc discs within the 144 Crystalline Grid of Divine Love. Have a sense, sweet ones, of having completed these initiations of Light previously ~ of the timelines of Light in which you have experienced self-mastery, for these vibrational frequencies lift you in to the Golden Ages of Atlantis and .


As you hold this sacred vibrational matrix, the holographic expression of your magnificence as these transfiguring flames of Divine Love, sweet ones, we let you know, in addition to the activation of the new DNA encodings through the Golden Solar Sun Disc discs, this year in particular brings with it the activation of the Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs. There are 33 Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs, 13 and 20 minor discs. These Silver Cosmic Christ Consciousness Discs, sweet ones, can be considered the counterparts to the Golden Solar Sun Disc discs as they take you into the Christed Timelines and these fifth dimensional frequencies of no-time and no-space. The Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs are activated through the spinal column, through the 33 vertebrae within the spinal column, sweet ones. This first activation occurred on January 21st 2012, and will continue leading up to the 21st of December 2012, with two activations taking place in that month, through the 12:12:12 and 21:12 Gateways of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness.


In accessing the Christed Timelines, sweet ones, you truly build the I AM Avatar Bodies of Light. You create these sacred geometries of Light around yourselves that find their vibrational frequency in the merging of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine and the experience of truly being an Ascended Master and a Christ Conscious Being of Light to this earth plane. The activation of this first major took place in the Ascension Seat of Mount Shasta and in particular within the Atlantean crystal vibration through the master crystal within Mount Shasta. So for a moment, sweet ones, experience this activation which further connects you to the thirteen major portals and vortices of Light of Mother Earth which are recalibrated through this activation and through your spine, in particular the spinal column and the cerebrospinal fluid. The cerebrospinal fluid, sweet ones, is the gateway into the essence of your Soul through the alignment of light that creates your multi-dimensional bodies of Light in physical form. The cerebrospinal fluid assists in recalibrating the nervous system, this sensory system and central nervous system, the meridians and the chakras within the body, and is expressed on a planetary level through the chakras of Mother Earth. Feel this activation now, sweet ones, as this first in this vibrant silver ray Light is activated in the coccygeal area of the spine, the base or tailbone. You may wish to gently rock the body from side to side as you feel the movement of this . The secondary Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs, two of them now, are now activated within the thoracic area of the vertebrae, particularly between the shoulder blades activating the higher heart chakra and the “Seat of the Soul”. This activation further assists in a recalibration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands, and all the glands within the body, sweet ones.


As you take on this imprinting of Cosmic Christ Consciousness find yourselves in the multi-universal Christed Timelines, where all timelines before you are simply those of Divine Love, where you have the ability to change any reality, past lives, parallel realities, genetically inherited memories and events and traumas in this lifetime; to truly release on a karmic level all cosmic karmic patterns and earthly ego allurements by trusting and surrendering to the Divine as you surround yourselves now in this beautiful Indigo Flame of Light, and now the Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness, within your personal stargate, within the Unity Grid of Divine Love. As this cerebrospinal fluid moves up and down your spine, you may experience a slight sense of the kundalini activation and the clearing of the chakras. Hold the energy through your breath, sweet ones, as you ground into Mother Earth ~ feel her support and her Love as you are surrounded now by Sananda and Lady , bringing through these frequencies of Devotion and Idealism in such a way that you may experience through this month of February a shift from an emotional perspective in the releasing and clearing of old emotional patternings and conditionings and the letting go of desire of inappropriate relationships as you move into a deeper level of honoring, respecting and loving yourselves through your connection to Mother/Father God and the Company of Heaven.


The next Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc and the two secondary discs, will be activated on February the 21st, sweet ones. This is a good moment to take the time out for invocation, for prayer, for meditation as you experience this activation within the beautiful crystalline City of Light and vortex within Mount Kilauea in , and through these sacred waters of Light bringing in a deeper level of the Divine Feminine through connecting further to the etheric Dolphin Pods of the Light, to the etheric and physical Sirian Archangelic League of the Sea, in taking yourself into your original divine eight-cell blueprint, and the rebirthing of yourselves in this Baptism of Fire, transforming, transfiguring, healing and loving through this Indigo Flame of Devotion and Idealism.


Sweet ones, on a planetary level the essence of this ray and the planetary contract that is being dissolved is the clearing of distorted religious beliefs and the imprintings of this that lead to lack of empowerment, abuse and control. It is also though to look at any of these old religious patternings you might have within your body at a cellular level as well as creating a deeper understanding of your connection into the Cities of Light and the Ashrams of Light on the inner planes. Much of these teachings are undertaken on the inner planes, sweet ones, and as you step into a deeper level of service, of devotion, of trusting and surrendering to the Divine, these teachings of Light become more prominent in your everyday lives, and you will start to remember at a deeper level these Initiations of Light ~ for you have previously undertaken these initiations, sweet ones ~ you have previously been on this earth plane as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love. You are the healers, the leaders, the teachers and facilitators of Divine Love and it is for you, sweet ones, to be able to effect and create change on this earth plane through your Light vibrational frequency looking through your master eyes at all of Life around you. In letting go of separation you see all Life in Divine Love and this becomes the reality that is mirrored back to you through these Christed Timelines of Light.


Sweet ones, this energy is further amplified through the full moon on February the 7th and 8th and indeed through the event that from an earthly perspective is known as Valentine’s Day. In essence, sweet ones, this is a powerful day to assist in the activation of the planetary heart of Mother Earth and the connection in Divine Love to one another and to all forms of Life and all bands of consciousness. So take this time to focus on the clearing of the emotional body, to have a look at the old cellular patternings and conditionings you may need to release while assisting in clearing the old planetary contracts of old religious beliefs and distorted religious structures. As these Christ Conscious Beings of Divine Love you are already making this change, sweet ones.


We look forward to taking you more consciously through the second initiatory Gateway of Light, through The Baptism ~ “the sacrifice of death and desire”. Simply allow for this initiation to be brought into your consciousness, as you travel through the crystalline City of Light and primary vortex within Mount Kilauea in Hawaii, to the sacred waters and the essence of the Christed Timeline of Divine Love.

Come back into your sacred space, feel this sense of being connected to all levels of your Beingness, sweet ones. Have a sense again of the cerebrospinal fluid moving through the spine and head ~ you may like to gently rock the body from side to side and backwards and forwards ~ breathing deep into the body, sweet ones, and merging with your I AM Presence, grounding into the energy of Mother Earth.


As we end this session sweet ones we take you briefly through the third, fourth and fifth dimensional portals of Light to connect you to many of these magical Beings of Light from On High. Focus now, sweet ones, on your third as it is found at the crown chakra. As this portal is activated now, connect into Shamballa, to the Ascended Masters, and the Ray Ashrams, and through here to all the crystalline Cities of Light, earth chakra vortices, leylines and sacred sites, and place this holographic map of Cosmic Christ Consciousness around your body, in a sphere of Light, a golden sphere of Light six feet in diameter around you. And now, sweet ones, have this sense of activating a portal of light 0.02 feet above the crown chakra, connecting you into Solar Christ Consciousness. Feel the sense of being this Solar Being of Light as your Sun and Solar System moves into greater levels of Divine Light and the Earth herself becomes this Spiritual Sun for this Solar center, this Solar System. Now, bring in this beautiful copper-gold sphere of Light 6.04 feet in diameter around you, as you experience the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta through the solar axiatonal alignment frequencies of Divine Love through the Solar Grid of Divine Light. And lastly now, sweet ones, we open a portal of Light 0.6 feet above the crown chakra lifting you into this fifth dimensional frequency of Divine Love, of Interstellar Christ Consciousness ~

experience yourselves in this Christed Timeline of Light through the Pleiades and the Central Sun ~ as you feel and sense and open yourselves to receive the vibration now of the sacred Beings of Light from On High, the Pleiadians and the Sirians, the Andromedans and the Arcturians all of the Light, the Archangels and Angels, the mighty Elohim, the Order of Melchizedek, Lord Michael, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek. Feel this sense of connecting now into Nature Intelligence, back in to this Unity Grid of Divine Love, calling in all the Beings of Light from On High you personally acknowledge as you surround yourselves in this beautiful Indigo Flame of Divine Love, and this sacred Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness. Truly you are these incredible Christ Consciousness Beings of Light, sacred caretakers and custodians to Mother Earth and all her Life. And we greet you as these Christ Conscious Beings of Light and Master Beings of Divine Love. Ground into the earth, sweet ones, feel the sacred heart of Mother Earth, feel the sacred heart of all Life, and this center of Love now within yourselves, and with this, we bid you a most magical day.


Transcribed by Eadie Miller

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  1. amazing…i was experiencing this portal this night..and  now i read this.. its incredible..
    thank you with all my heart for this website and it.
    Take care.

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