The second coming of the Christ was promised in what seems…

in our dualistic perception…to be many ages ago…

In reality…it occurred simultaneously with the made…


In time…it appears as if NOW  many are awakening to this

Christhood… which is a state of consciousness

that is one with the True of Love.

it can only be known as it is lived….


.it is for those who are open to this Presence of Love

in all things to receive it and acknowledge it to and for

all the world…This is the  I AM  Presence we speak of here in

as many different ways as are necessary so that all will  hear

this message of Universal Love…


message from Jeshua…


~Embarking on your shores is the Golden Era~

I speak to this "one" often …for she surrenders herself to

me with every living breath…


I have prepared her and many others who were willing

to hear me for what is now on the shores of this your

beloved earth…


thus…I come again…a promise kept


You will not see me in the physical as a man

but you will recognize me in many others in

the coming of days…

I spoke many times of this your on earth

where only love would be seen…witnessed..shared


Many on your earth plane now are carrying within their

physical bodies such a high particulate of light that your

earth has been heating…thus…your ~global warming~


This light is bringing up for all to see that which is

unlike it…only for one purpose..

to be healed…transmuted and then forgotten like

a dream that never existed…


See all these changes as good…the ice caps melting..the chaos

in your government and your economy..

the cry's for freedom all over the world..

see it all as very…very good…


for all that  ~appears ~ unlike

love will be replaced with all that is of love…

all of it is serving One thing…

the at-one-ment of all things…

yes…duality as you know it to be is dissolving..

your old ways of gathering ~more of what you think you need~

will no longer serve you….for those of you carrying the

living light…much will be asked…for those who have

much of what you would call the golden coins know that

what is not freely given will not be returned…however…

that which is given will be received and given….a divine

circle of love..



You will witness many miracles…you will "feel" from

the depths of your being that all is well…though your

earthly eyes may not see this ~holy~ vision…


if you can see  from within the heart

and set aside your earthly perceptions..

(that which is the view from your earthly eyes)…


if you can ~hear~ with your heart

versus your old perceptions of what

you think you hear…you will hear

differently ….thus creating an experience

of ~heaven~ right where you find yourself to be

in the moment you choose for it…


Love will be the power that will fuel

all manifestation…Pure unconditional love…

that which comes from the intention

of the highest good of all…


this is what it truly is to ~ live within the heart~

to be ~in the world~ yet not of the world..

simply stated…that means to see and hear

differently…to access the One heart we all

share as one and live from that holy place..


Place this vision within your heart…see that all of it

is love…all is …the of love has come to bring

all unlike it back into the heart…

with every you make to live within the heart

~you lift the whole~…yes …this is true…

this is true unconditional love and it touches

each and every living thing with each choice

for it…

you see precious hearts…you are the one

you have been seeking..


all power under heaven and earth lives within you…

it is your choice to see and hear from the heart

that will dissolve the veil that hides the Real Reality

that abides right here where you are…only hidden from

you until You choose to see and hear differently…


Each one on your beloved planet and those unseen

are here to ring in this golden era…bless the one's  who have

held energies that will need to be released  as lovingly as you

would bless the one's who carry the living light….

all of it is serving the whole….

there is no ~specialness ~ in this dear one's…

know this in the coming of days and your

experience will be one of peace and compassion…


Oneness with Self

is Oneness with ~All~


i leave you now with peace

which is your  True Reality and i shower you

with many heartfelt hugs from home….




Jeshua…the Heart Of Love





please feel free to pass these along as guided…

this is taken from the book  ~ to Home ~

the teachings of jeshua that he experienced as he

walked our beloved planet. on his own journey home

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