Ona'Ra, the One Sun, is the Singularity of ALL Singularities, an -art for my Family of Light and Oneness by Cosmic Consciousness Online
Ona'Ra, the One Sun, is the Singularity of ALL Singularities, an energy-art for my Family of Light and Oneness by Cosmic Consciousness Online
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The Singularity of ALL Singularities
A Family of Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 2/9/12

As I have been working to bring through the upcoming Temple of Ona'Ra Transmission the energy streaming in from the Metatronic Councils of Light has been quite expansive, even for me!

We have worked together with Hunab Ku or the Great Central Sun quite a bit, in the last year or so in particular. Ona'Ra is unique representation of the Great Central Sun, one with a very specific and quite expansive understanding.

In order to understand what Ona'Ra or the true Great Central Sun represents, we also need to understand some other things as well. One of these things is that many of the mentions of the Great Central Sun are referring to the singularity at the center of our galaxy, or sometimes the singularity at the center of our '.'

In this context the term 'universe' refers to a self-contained construct, potentially existing within a multi-verse of many such constructs, all of which can be referred to as 'universes.'

I have been aware of all these various contexts for quite some time. I have also used them in various ways in my work wherein the 'Great Central Sun' may at times have meant somewhat different things. The Metatronic Councils of Light are now encouraging me to adopt a single model which is based on the most expansive understanding they have imparted to me.

In this model the Great Central Sun, Ona'Ra, is the Singularity of ALL singularities. It is at the center of the multi-verse, or ALL universes. An apt analogy would be that of the Lotus Flower. The center of the Lotus Flower being Ona'Ra, and the petals of the flower are the universes comprising the multi-verse.

Because the term 'universe' can be rightly used to describe both the Lotus Flower's petals and the whole flower, the Metatronic Councils have made a suggestion. This suggestion is that I start using the term 'universe' to exclusively represent the reality of each of the individual 'petals' of the multi-verse, and to use the term 'Ona'Verse' to represent the whole Lotus Flower with ALL its petals and with Ona'Ra at its center! I like this, how about you?

In the reality of the petals, or individual universes, each one is birthed (think Big Bang) and then goes through an expansion and subsequent contraction. At the conclusion of the contractive there is what astro-scientitsts are now hypothetically calling the "Big Crunch." This is where everything in that universe returns into the singularity from which it emerged originally at its "Big Bang."

The Metatronic Councils have indicated this model is close to being correct, but it does not yet incorporate the elements of consciousness and the higher-dimensional realities that are also involved. Just as each world in our universe develops some unique form of consciousness, each universe as a whole does as well.

When this multi-dimensional consciousness returns back into the singularity at the end of a universe's cycle, that which was developed in that cycle is then fully incorporated back into the Ona'Verse which responds by giving birth to yet more petals upon the Lotus Flower which perpetuates the whole process.

This is quite similar in pattern to what I related earlier in 2011 regarding the 144,000 11th Dimensional EL'Ephen Quasars. The 'quasars' initiate the birth of new souls in our universe as other souls complete their cycle and are absorbed back into the Absolute Totality through the EL'Ephen.

The Metatronic Councils are also saying that the type of consciousness that is being developed through the entire cycle of a universe is rather beyond our ability to comprehend consciously right now. This is due to limitations still remaining within the physical human brain of today on Earth. Yet we can sense it, we are part of it, and thus we can access it on other levels of our being.

This is what we will working with in the Temple of Ona'Ra Transmission. There is an expansion on the nature of Ona'Ra around the reality of Ona'Ra and how it relates to the concept of Universality in our word reality and beyond.

The updated energy art you see above for the Temple of Ona'Ra, represents the new frequencies that have become available to our planet in the last 9 months or so relative to the Ona'Ra aspect of the nine-fold toroidal hologram of the New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness.