by Gillian
Twelve Insight | February 18 2012


Guest: On this topic of accepting what is, I have a question. I see other people trying to things they don’t want. So if it’s really all for the , why do I avoid things I don’t want? If everything is well, as you say, then why would I avoid anything?

Well, there’s a question we can really sink ourselves into. Why would you avoid anything at all if it’s all good? So the first thing we will point out is that it’s not all good. That is, it’s not all something you want in your experience. So the more useful question has to be: Why would you avoid anything that is being attracted to you?

Is it because you have attracted things and experiences into your life before that you did not want? Perhaps before you became conscious ? Yes? You have learned that thing about the other shoe dropping too, where when things have gone good for a time you anticipate, and thereby create, something going wrong. You have this whole field of learning that says “You are not the one in .” And then you listen to your news and they tell you that is in , or the giant corporations are in , or your parents are in , and so on and so on.

If you would listen to us all day we would tell you that you are in control. And we would tell you there is this delay from the time you conceive of a thought and think upon it a while, and the time when it will actually arrive in your experience. But it is indeed coming and you did create it. You created it as a thought-form and it precipitated into your world at exactly the right time.

So now, once again: Why would you fear anything that comes to pass in your world?

Does it not also happen that sometimes that thing which you feared turned out to be exactly the thing that you needed? Is it not true that many times that thing that you feared, when it was finally able to run you down, leaves you better off than before? That was the gist of your question, really.

The difference is that you are conscious creator. And your world has always worked this way, except before you were not conscious of it, and therefore you came up with a lot of ideas and beliefs to fill in the gaps. Let go of those beliefs.

So your question is magnificent…add it to your list of questions to ask yourself periodically: As a conscious creator, why should I fear anything that is manifesting before me in my world?