One World Rising | February 17 2012


I must say, things are getting really strange in the world now. The insanity is increasing and is becoming something out of the Twilight zone. What the media is trying to pass off as truth and is almost humorous at this point if we weren’t in such a dire situation. Are the elite’s minds so eroded that they cannot see the absurdity of what they are trying to do? Living in the present is like sitting down with a brand new only this one does not have the edge pieces to begin framing in the picture. It is just a jumble of cutout pieces all one color and with nowhere to start. they are trying to pass off as truth even remotely passes the sniff test. It is no wonder the ungrounded people are flying around in circles with to grab onto yelling for help. There is familiar left for them to call home, they are way past their comfort zones without trip tickets to get back. I am sorry they are having to experience such upheaval, but staying asleep has its hazards.

Things are still crazy for even the awake ones, don’t get me wrong. The insanity continues to spin, but our knowing of what is taking place has allowed us to ourselves firmly to the light and love where all is safe and makes complete sense to all residing there. I wish I could figure out a way to wake more people up so they can bypass the discomfort stage, but I don’t know how. I can only offer my help to those searching enough for answers to have found my site. We are all where we are meant to be at this place in time. We are always where we are meant to be, being who we are meant to be, encountering life as we are meant to. All is as it should be. Therein lies your .

Understanding and believing that all is as it should be and not trying to change outcomes and ideas. Everything happens as it is meant to and there is great solace in knowing and believing in that. There is no need to spin out of control. Disconnect from the source of chaos( the media ) and all will be well.

Fear and panic and confusion settles into us when we do not have answers and do not understand what is happening. You cannot look to the media for answers that hold an ounce of truth. It is all lies designed to keep you playing their game and not causing them trouble. You, it is you who must seek out the truth like all those who have gone before you. The internet is a wealth of information for those questioning life right now. We also have to wake up to truth as well. You know full well that there were no weapons of mass destruction in but it was merely a ploy to allow them access to war and to gain what they wanted from that country. Why on earth would you think anything is different in , , , etc? All the bits of truth they label as wild conspiracy theories are a great place to begin to uncover the truth for yourself. They are all the truth. It will take a brave soul willing to have their world rocked to see the truth, but as it is always said, the truth will set you free and nothing could be more true than that.

The truth can be painful, but only for a short time. Once you get past the shock of realizing life is not at all like you thought it was you can begin to settle down. At least you know you have the spiritual side of life to anchor into. It is safe and loving and all of life makes sense when you view it through these eyes of spirit. The puzzle pieces fit easily and life flows downstream with very little interference. It just requires you allowing yourself to believe in a new way of being, thinking only loving non-ego thoughts, feeling love and gratitude for all around you, realizing we are not divided beings but instead we are all interconnected, all one, all caring. The world of duality fades away and there are no more divisions, no unrest, no isolation. We are all one people experiencing life in our own ways, only here to complete our own missions and to love all others while we are here. Embrace this new way of being and you will be embraced in return by the entire world.


Blessings to you all,