One World Rising | February 20 2012


I am going to repeat a picture again in this post. I find it so beautiful and so touching it truly makes tears come to my eyes. It shows the act of giving I want to explain.


I am finding tears occurring more and more these days as my softens and seems to grow arms of its own with which to embrace the world. It seems to shoot out of me in an attempt to embrace whatever it is I am being moved by (which is a lot these days). I feel like a giant walking around thudding like a drum and dripping with emotion. It is a strange feeling because it is new to me. It is also a wonderful feeling.


It seemed for a long time when I was younger I needed drama in my life to arouse my emotions. Otherwise I was sleep walking through life. Today I see that as well only personified with ’s need for reality TV to get that emotional jump-start to bring them back to life. We have been frozen and now are thawing.


The picture I spoke of told me a story – as all the pictures do – for that is how I create each day. This picture reminded me of something very important I want to share with you. We hear a lot these days that we must open our hearts and reach out to others, give of our selves, give, give, give. While that is true and extremely important, I want to remind you of the other side of giving. I know sometimes others have asked me what I want for or my birthday and as I always used to do I’d say” I don’t need a thing, please, don’t waste your money”. What is wrong with this picture? There are two sides to giving and we must be aware of that. It was important for me to honor my friend by allowing him/her the act of giving to me to nourish their as well I receiving my gift. I did not honor that by my reply and shut down their ability to nourish their by giving to me.


In the above photograph what do you see? I see a loving monkey wishing to hold the in friendship and to quiet perhaps his loneliness within. I also see the soul of the filling up with nourishment by helping the monkey by being there to share whatever it is they are sharing. The monkey is giving love to the and by allowing the monkey to touch him, the is giving back in return.


There is far more being exchanged in gift giving if we take a moment to think about it. Just looking at the picture makes me want to embrace both of them for being such wonderful beings, for expressing love, for feeling one another’s needs and fulfilling them. And don’t tell me animals can’t feel emotions. Stop listening to scientific hoopla that tells you all that garbage. They cannot possibly know what both of those beings are feeling and as we now know, we feel by more than just our brains. They will tell you those two creatures are incapable of feeling for their brains are too little. These two are sharing their energies, their frequencies, resonating by how it makes them feel. They are talking without words by talking through their hearts and their frequencies.


Soon we will be doing the same thing. Words are slowly losing their meanings as we heighten our emotions and begin to feel life through our hearts. This is where this shifting journey is taking us. This is the direction we are headed. I personally find it very exciting and I watch myself everyday closely – how I am reacting to life as it comes to me. It is very interesting to watch the subtle changes and feelings alter slightly from the day before or the week before.

Things are changing. Stop distracting yourself and make note of what is taking place. Colors, smells, words, hearing, tastes, all of our senses are becoming heightened and are changing slightly day by day. We cannot change all at once for it would be far too traumatic for our physical bodies to withstand and our emotions must learn to slowly shift with our bodies as well, but we are CHANGING! Pay attention and you will see.


Blessings to you all,