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Wednesday, 15 February, 2012

As aspiring , we are used to constantly looking within, correcting ourselves and stomping down our ego. This served us well in the 3rd Dimension. Since 2003, when we were blessed with the new of the 4th Dimension, this was no longer helpful.

Lightworkers are people who are conscious of remembering who they are as a spiritual being and are working to bring about change for everyone by being the light. We tend to be great at sacrificing ourselves. This is another thing that has changed since the coming of the 4th Dimension. We have not been asked to continue to sacrifice for anything or anyone. It is not needed in this higher spiritual energy. In fact, we have been asked to elevate ourselves in our own eyes to learn how to love ourselves. It’s easy to love most people but to love ourselves is quite the challenge.

Through the chaos and shifts around us and in our lives, many Lightworkers are weary. And when we are weary, it is easy to see only the difficulties. Some of you are just beyond the recent difficulty but are bracing for what you perceive will be the next one, even though it has not appeared. If this sounds like what you are doing, take a few moments right now and breathe deep. Taking three long, slow, deep breaths will move your focus from your head back into your heart and will help to relax your . If you are bracing spiritually for the next round of perceived assaults in your life, then you will be tight in your physical as well. Just breathe.

We forget that even though we are integrating more of the spiritual aspects of our , that we are still human. When we become a conscious , we move from being a human being acting spiritual to a spiritual human being. The spiritual aspects take the forefront in our personality but the human aspects are still there.

The thing that makes us unique is our emotions. When we are new to this conscious walk in the light, we are more forgiving of the negative emotions we have. Sometimes Lightworkers think that when they finally understand their path here, they are only supposed to have positive emotions and those negative ones never come back. And if they do, then something must be wrong with them as a Lightworker. Please hear this loud and clear; as long as we have a human body, we will have both positive and negative emotions that can show up at any time. We are not perfect. We are not meant to be perfect here. We are meant to learn lessons to prompt our remembrance of what perfection is. So there is nothing wrong with us or the path that we are on if we exhibit these negative emotions from time to time. The key to being a strong spiritual human being is not to stay with the negative emotions when we have them for very long.

If you recognize that you are saying negative things, take a deep breath. Then ask forgiveness / forgive who you are talking to, the situation and yourself. Doing this as soon as possible allows you to stay in your higher energetic place.

I have shared recently with several Lightworkers who are of the 144,000 assisting in bringing forth the . The one consistent thing in their Soul Sessions were questions about why they were still able to get mad, upset or frustrated. Being conscious of their goal to bring in the light for the , they were feeling guilty when these situations occurred. The strongest enemy against the Lightworker is guilt. It is detrimental to the Lightworker path to feel regret or guilt. The answer from the Angels was the same given to you above about forgiving when these situations happen. The other answer was to not dwell on why it happened. Just let it go, keep walking the path and shining the light. Focusing on the “why” can keep us in that negativity and lower our energy. Just let it go. All of us can take that same advice; do not dwell on why these things happen. When you recognize the negativity happening; ask forgiveness / forgive, let it go and keep walking shining your light.

When we soon ascend to the new physical world of the 5th Dimension, we are taking our human bodies with us. Even there, we will still have access to our emotions. The Angels want us to feel safe now loving and embracing all aspects of ourselves. We are spiritual but we are human too. And that is perfect.

I AM human too,


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