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Over the next few days, I will be attempting to undergo a purging of the lower vibrations still prevalent inside of my spirit and body complex, per the advice of my guides. Whether we realize it or not, for most of us living in this &;modern’ world, we are exposed to lower vibrations on a daily basis. Much of this is lower vibrational residue from lower that are attached to us and our spirits when we are exposed to them.

For me personally, the lower vibrations I will be attempting to purge are the ones which have been the most prevalent throughout this of mine and throughout many other Lives I’ve assumed on this world. The lower vibrations that continually stick themselves to me if I let them, stem from certain habits I’ve assumed during this walk-in and more than likely stem also from addictions, habits and behaviors of past Lives of mine.

My worst habits and crutches have been related also to an inner desire to escape this current reality when it seems to be getting too difficult, which is a defensive maneuver on my part. I’ve had much discussion with my guides daily about my various habits, the energies behind such habits and the reasons I personally immerse myself in such habits, and in nearly all cases the continued indulgence in these habits stem again, from personal defensive maneuvers of my own to ‘escape’ my reality into one more peaceful or in some cases mind-numbing, when I personally perceive that things are getting too ‘hard’.

I think we all have these types of defensive maneuvers encoded into our third and fourth dimensional DNA structures. Some keep such defensiveness hidden away or find no need for it if they are experiencing fulfilling, happy Lives with little challenge, but some of us indulge in these defensive maneuvers as we have carried them with us, within our DNA structures and within our perceptions throughout many, many Lives on Earth and in the lower vibrations.

Whether we currently use, understand or know about such defensive structures of established , we have all Created and used such structures at one time or another throughout our lower vibrational ventures. The beauty of this year 2012 and the continuing increases of Source being brought to us is that the personal veils temporarily blocking one from the higher dimensions and from their own deep down perceptions, are being brought down at rapid speed through our own learning of lessons and continued discovering for ourselves the higher realms of Love in their decreasingly distorted forms.

As we grow and learn the lessons we are being given which have been called ‘Master’ lessons by many ascended sources, we are again exposed to our own perceptions and remembrances as well as patterns of behavior [such as the aforementioned defensive behavior patterns] which we have used in past Lives and for some, even in their current Lives without realizing that we had been adhering to such structures all along. Indeed, some of us have been adhering to defensive structures and even are right now, without realizing we are doing so and without realizing fully our own escapist methods of an attempted avoidance of Life and all of the difficult lessons it has to give us in this crucial period in our ascension.

I personally am beginning to realize my own prevalent established methods of attempting to escape this reality I currently perceive and inhabit, and most if not all of them are actually methods which are serving to cut off access to clearer and purer parts of myself, parts of myself which are themselves existing in and based in the higher realms. Do not get me wrong, I have discovered personally much about the higher realms and have been exposed to them quite a bit since awakening in my personal opinion, but a part of me is ready for this next step; the step of completely cutting off each and every one of my ties to the lower dimensions which are connected with my methods of escaping reality in mind numbing ways.

As stated above, over the next few days I am to undergo an attempted cold-turkey purging of the lower vibrations still prevalent in my Life as well as the defensive and escapist methods I use to maintain such familiar vibrations. I may not have much of a presence publicly during these next few days, depending on how everything goes of course. I cannot say that I will succeed completely this first time, but all I can do is try, truly try with all of myself and if I do not make it this time, try again and again until I can make it happen.

The things I will be purging and cutting myself off from are things which may seem familiar to some. I will be completely cutting myself off from , as the frequencies being broadcasted through are very low, dense frequencies. When sitting in front of the , I can feel it usurping my energy and when getting away from , Life seems more refined, more real and I feel the parts of myself that were being usurped before. I do not think is healthy for our bodies or spirits and especially not for our brains, and yet even I have continued to watch. In my opinion, this is a very high level of complacency and one I will be attempting to eradicate in myself.

I will also be trying to give up heavy foods, and my own mental ‘need’ to overindulge in heavy and unhealthy foods. I will be eating on a regular schedule, and will try to replace the heavier foods I have been eating with foods which contain more Lighted energies; such as vegetables and fruits. As always there are financial constraints [though admittedly much less lately] so in some cases I will have to make do but it should not affect the overall effort. It is more than anything, a mental and emotional battle.

I will also be purging myself from the gunky energies of smoked cannabis. Yes I know, I have spoken much about cannabis and tried to get our ascended friends to give their perspectives on it many, many times, and we have seen perspectives and arguments from both sides about whether this herb is beneficial or damaging to our ascension processes.

I personally believe it is healthy, and can help one who is unawakened begin to find and feel energies that they had never felt before, which will energetically draw their feelings and interest more toward realms that they had previously not had access to. Also, the herb possesses multiple health benefits and the plant it comes off of could perhaps be the most beneficial plant in our history, if the true value of it could be recognized rather than deliberately suppressed in our mainstream.

That being said, this aspect of the purging is not about or targeting cannabis. For me, this is not about cannabis and whether or not it has been helping me, it is about continued indulgence in a crutch which after a while can become more destructive than helpful in one’s ascension process, when one is looking to discover and gain access to energies and realms which are completely outside the perception of these dimensions, dimensions which cannabis is a part of.

Also, to be fairly blunt about it, the smoke itself is unhealthy when continually ingested. Many sore throats and much heartburn has shown me such on plenty of occasions. The energies being given through the smoke which are gained when ingesting it, are in many cases constructed of the higher realms and are meant to give one a higher dimensional experience, but the smoke itself is gunky and lower dimensional and can have an effect [usually for the worse] on clear-headedness.

So, this is what I will be doing over the next few days. It will be an attempt, and a first attempt at that but I feel this is needed at this time as I feel truly ready to gain access to realms of consciousness and perception that I have not had access to in a very long ‘time’, and I do feel that my continued indulgence in television, the smoking of cannabis and other things which leave gunky, lower dimensional residue around my chakras, does just that and as such may be beginning to hold me back in discovering such realms.

The Love and support of all of you will be appreciated at this time, as I know it will not be easy to attempt to give up so many familiar and clung onto aspects of these fading lower dimensions, but if successful [and I will be eventually] the effects will be well worth the difficult effort. I may write down thoughts and feelings during this attempted purging, and may try to communicate with our ascended friends during this time but for the most part I will be attempting to go completely within, or rather as within myself as I can go, to find the higher and purer energies that will serve to make this purging much, much easier.

I may not be around for the next few days, but I will be going within and establishing my own remembrance of the higher realms as I bring them through myself. This will be much easier when the energy voids and lower dimensional residue is cleared up and my feeding and reproducing of such lower vibrations is cut off. Wish me luck in advance, dear friends!!

Wes Annac