8 February 2012

Jeshua, channeled by Sophie Rose

At the beginning of times, creation was just an idea, a plan of God to experience Himself. Then came the world. From a single thought life was born with its myriad of expressions. This process is still repeating each instant. Your world is in constant creation, but by not bringing awareness to this process, you fall in the traps of illusion.
An illusion is a distorted image of reality, it happens when your brain perceives something that does not exist. The illusion usually dissipates when the person takes a step back or looks at the image differently. So just for a few minutes, look at your world, what do you see? If you look at it from the viewpoint of the mind, it appears as a series of decisions and actions made by you and others, decisions and actions which end up creating what you call “your world”. Now if you look at it from the viewpoint of the observer which is behind the mind, the illusion appears: what you thought was real now appears as pure mind fabrications. Does this mean that your mind is unable to give birth to something real? Well, if you consider that the nature of your thoughts is , building a world on this basis can be compared to making up a dream. On the other hand, you cannot create anything without first having thought of it. So you are the dream and the dreamer. To awaken is to reach a state of awareness of this truth. To awaken is to realize that you are all creators of your own reality, that the world is your own making. It is time to become a conscious dreamer. It requires work and discipline, and what makes dreams possible: faith.

Faith is a unique quality to have because it connects you to the Divine. To have faith means to let Source/ God/ your soul guide your life. The dream then becomes an expression of a higher purpose. Your creation is then a co-creation, an embodiment of divine will.
Look at your world, it reflects egos will, the insanity of too much mind, the lack of heart, compassion and oneness. It’s all in the viewpoint, in the shift from mind to mind observer, from dreaming to awakening, from mind to heart, from illusion and comfort to personal conscious choice.

Sophie Rose is the of The Way of the Heart, Teachings of Jeshua and . She is a contributing author of The Sacred Shift, Co-Creating your Future. She is not aligned with any tradition or religion and always favored a direct experience of spirituality. You can connect with her on her blog, Facebook or .