5 February 2012

Channeler: sheryl pedersen

A message from Mother Mary about What to Expect in 2012.

You are moving into the year 2012 as you know it to be. And there is so much "hype" as you say about what 2012 will bring.

Some predict disasters and some predict the end of the world and others predict that it is the year we move into the new earth. And we on this side of the veil wish you to know that you really do have a choice about what you . Many of you are starting to have a real understand of the concept that your thoughts produce things as some of your teachers say. And this is the truth of the human . When you think about something often enough and with enough emotional attachment, this is what you are most likely to in your world.

For example, if you wake up in the morning and say to yourself, "This is going to be a terrible day, I just know it." and you walk through your day looking for examples of how terrible the day is, then that is what you look for, that is what you see and that is what you experience, a terrible day.

You have your terrible day glasses on and all you see are terrible things that match your thought that it is a terrible day. You miss the kind word your neighbor has for you, you don't see the beauty of nature around you and you don't allow yourself to find pleasure in the small things in life. All you can see, all you can hear, all you take in is that which is terrible. And, indeed, you have a terrible day.

But take off the terrible day glasses and put on the wonderful day glasses and you have an entirely different view of your world. You see the beauty in the world around you, you are looking for things that are wonderful, you hear the kind word your neighbor says to you and you find many things in your day that are wonderful.

Same day, different perspective and you get to choose what you focus on every moment of every day. Nothing is terrible unless you decide that it is terrible as nothing is wonderful unless you decide it is wonderful. You are creating your own experience every day. It it time to be aware of how powerful you are in creating your experience.

As you are in the year 2012, know that you get to decide what kind of experiences you would like to have in this year. In truth, it is not different than the start of any other year, but what you think and what you focus on will make the difference in how you experience this year.

If enough people put on their terrible year glasses and walk around listening to the news that sensationalizes the drama of the world and focus only on what is bad or difficult or distressing, then that is what they will experience, a world that is terrible from their perspective. A terrible day can be had by one person, a group of people or a whole city of people, depending on where they put their focus.

We suggest that you put on your wonderful glasses in the coming year, 2012, and focus your attention on the beauty, the kindness, the compassion, the good things that you want in your life and this is what you will create for yourself, a year of wonder. You have the ability to do this by yourself, with others you know and with entire communities. With the focus of wonder by many, many wonderful things will happen.

Know that you do get to choose your experience through how you think, how you feel and what actions you take. If you want to experience disaster and chaos, you can have that experience. You will find yourself in situations and places that will allow this to be your reality.

If you choose to experience peace and enjoyment and make this what you think about and take actions to support this, then you will enjoy life. Again, you get to choose.

And in time, you will get to see the world from a higher perspective, from the place of "IS". This is the perspective without judgement and seeing the world from this place will change your life in amazing ways. This is the view of the enlightened ones.

Most of you now see the world from a place of duality, light & dark, right & wrong, terrible & wonderful. But in time to come, you will see it from the place of triality – the neutral perspective, the perspective of your higher self.

To apply this to 2012, you can learn to see the world from a place of acceptance, without judging whether or not something is wonderful or terrible and seeing the world from that place of acceptance of what IS. This is a very peaceful place to be.

For in truth situations are not right or wrong, they just are. It is you who give meaning to a situation by how you it. You decide if it is good and you decide if it is bad or you can see the situation and know that it just IS.

By accepting every situation as being just what it is you do not get caught up in the emotions that have ruled your life for so many years and so many lifetimes.

When you think something is terrible, you are likely to have an emotional reaction that you find to be uncomfortable – the so called negative emotions as you see them. And then you react from that emotion.

If you judge something to be wonderful, then you tend to have more positive emotions which is what most of you prefer to feel and are seen as being more acceptable.

But this leaves you entirely dependent on the situations in your life to determine how you feel most of the time. It starts with a situations that happens. You judge it to be terrible. You feel what you call bad feelings and you have less enjoyment in life. You judge it to be wonderful and you have a certain feeling. Then you react from those feelings.

But what if you were to look at every situation and instead of judging it to be good or bad, you just accept the situation as it is happening without all of the emotional attachment to it all. You just see the situation as it is. This is a very peaceful place to be, a place where the enlightened ones see the world from.

In truth, you do not know whether a situation is good or bad until you see the outcome of the choices you make in response to the situation. Some things that you judge as bad when they happen, turn out to be very good and some things that you judge as good when they happen, end up with the worst possible outcome.

At the time an event is happening you don't know what the outcome will be and you tend to react from the emotions that are triggered from judging it to be good or bad. Truth is you don't know, so why judge and put yourself into an emotional state that often determine what you choose to do.

If you accept the situation as it IS, you are not caught in an emotional reaction and you can make a choice to respond to the situation from a place of peace and calm. This is the best place to be for your emotions are not guiding your response to the situation, your heart & your mind are. And from this calm place, you are very powerful and can make choices and take action in the situation that lead you to a mindful outcome.

It can take you time to train yourself to see from the perspective of just IS, and for some of you this will happen spontaneously, but this is the next stage in human evolution, to let go of judgement and be at peace.

The choice is yours to make. We hope you choose peace for 2012.