18 February 2012

Channeler: Solene

Open Letter to all Channelers and those that follow them.

It is with much excitement that I share my insights about the new roles we are assuming.

Never has there been a time that access to these has been this heightened. The existence of these pure and the increased awareness by many more humans requires much discernment and of this current practice of channeling.
Over the years, a few of you sensitive humans have been able to access these energies and pull them in from other dimensions. You have allowed these energies to speak through you. You have been a beautiful conduit and voice for these energies. You have had to step aside as the personality of you and allow the energies through your vessel. The wisdoms have been evident and portrayed in the spoken and written word. This selflessness was considered noble. No longer is this the truth. This will be the way of the past, there is a new evident – the energetic of .

The new universal alignment is allowing access to these energies in a new form. The increased planetary vibration and vibrations of our crystalline structure are bringing the ability to work with these energies in a much more profound and powerful way. A new sense of sovereignty in working with these energies is required.

It is now time to abandon the vehicle of energy conduits; of being the conduit for outside energies. The concept and practice of allowing outside energy through your vessel will end as you know it. We are in a time of energetic expansion. No longer will just the written word or the spoken harmonic of a channeled be part of our ascension practice. I will explain in further detail.
We are currently in a phase of merging our many selves. This process of retrieval of our fragmented selves is possible now. If you so choose, you can begin working with the many aspects of yourself. These aspects of yourselves are sitting in many dimensions waiting on your retrieval. When working with other dimensions in retrieving these other energies, do understand, a sovereign being would view these as part of themselves, as no separation. The reason a certain entity comes to you is simple – you resonate with it, because you are it. A part of you is that energy. You have pieces of this knowing inside your cells, therefore the synergy with that energetic. When you accept the role of sovereignty you are merging parallel universes, this is a powerful place to be. You are the angel, the guide, the ascended masters.

You can now work with these energies in a more full way, a deeper capacity to integrate is possible through this universal alignment with 5th dimension. Its truly a co creation with source. Now realize that you are the energetic extension of this energy and broader knowing. If you believed yourself sovereign you would tend to your vibrational . When you are in vibration you are the source of all knowledge, with no infiltration. Work in cooperation with source and allow the knowledge through your body, from the divine source within you and from you. Choose strength and stability instead of vulnerability. Have a relationship with . Be consciously aware of your knowings and the power inherently within you. Take responsibility for who you are. Allow the newness of thought, the expansion of self.

Inner penetration of your multi-dimensions is what is occurring. You must work with these energies differently now. Discernment is required, vibrational integrity a must. No longer do you have to live in the restriction of non self of this place of no conscious mind. We are now asked to integrate these inner knowings and information we receive from our fragmented selves with our current versions of us. The upgrade is occurring.

There will be a time of much confusion coming, as many make their way into the integration of their soul fragments. There will be new energies present, with fear based messages. This is individual work. There is no channeled message that can do this for you. You must accept responsibility of integrating the 5th dimension into your now.
The fear based messages I believe to be of third or fourth dimensional processing… this is rooted in cellular memory of fear. A soul fragment of this channeler, based in fear presented itself as an entity to this person. Therefore the channeler believes it to be the truth. But what is YOUR truth? Only allow your own truths and not the truths of others.

We accept in our realities that which we resonate. I, personally, hold no fear so these messages have no effect on me vibrationally. This is about vibrational integrity. Many channelers at this time are going to be taken over by lower vibrating energies such as this. These energies are created within themselves, not outside. They are finding fragments of themselves to express. What you believe, is what reality will present itself to you. Because you are the all knowing, the creators, the sovereign beings of light, do not be taken into a low vibration as this, remember your choice.

5th dimensional awarenesses are present – use them to your fullest. As we accept the frequencies of joy, love, peace and harmony, all 5th dimensional energies, the surroundings of our reality will then begin to match this vibration. The energies present to you will be of your own truth and part of your divine plan.

By accepting that you are GOD, Lord Sananda, Archangel Michael or Kryon, everything that happens from this place– is you in your fullest expression. Allow this finer vibration of yourself to be expressed and do not be surprised at the wisdom that flows from you. Accept the full power of this.You will begin to use fuller vocabulary, become more animated, more expressive, more heartfelt. Your physical body will begin relaxing with heightened conscious mind activity. You will now understand part of the ascending qualities of life. Choose these qualities over any that spiral you in other directions.

This message may be a huge weight off the shoulders of many channelers as it was for myself. Knowing that I am so much more than a vehicle for anothers’ energy.

I have the courage and the power to declare that I am the energy, I am the Ancient One. I stand in the knowledge that I am this knowledge and wisdom.

This Ancient One part of myself is a fragment that I allowed to be remembered within me. I now choose to allow more ascending 5th dimensional energies to present themselves as I am in joyful anticipation.

I stand in my knowing that I am this energy. I am this knowledge, these are my words, these wisdoms I hold…

I stand in excitement knowing that I have many more fragments of myself to retrieve….

So for now, all you channeling – accept that you are the message – put down the need to be a vehicle conduit as you are the fuel.

Power on People.