17 February 2012


I am and I am pleased to be with you at this time. Understand that you have come together at a time when once again just as of old you are fulfilling that promise to join once again, old souls reuniting. And as you are reuniting, as you are coming together, you are moving in a certain that will allow you to be of most service, not to us but to all of mankind, for even the littlest one can perform miracles. Because of this situation now soon coming, because of the urgency that is now developing upon the planet we are moving in another and are preparing many groups throughout the planet to be ready for those changes as they come.

It is necessary to understand how far you have come as a civilization as a knowing of who you are, for long have you been in the dark, long have you not known who you are. You have been in a , a from yourself, from knowing who you are and from whence you have come. So you must continue on in the process, continue on in knowing who you are, what you are about, what you are here for, and the mission that is yours. For each of you came here with a mission, each of you came here with a knowing that you would be a part of this expression, this new earth. It was said long ago there would be a new and a new earth and it was even said by that one who is myself as Jeshua 2000 years ago when I said, “there would be a new and a new earth&;. This was what was meant and also it was given that the “meek shall inherit the earth&;. What did that mean? It meant just as it is today coming that there are those who are ready to relinquish that which is not theirs and never has been theirs. “The first shall be last and the last shall be first&;. There are those who are ready to move into the forefront now, the ones who have been behind the scenes, the ones who have been preparing the way, what would be considered the meek because they are not the powerful. They are the ones, you are the ones as the light workers and we wish to use a different term here. For you are not only working within the light, now you are preparing to share the light, so you are the “light sharers&; or the light bearers. You are the ones who are bringing the new earth and a new into being. For as you continue on in the processes that you are about now, as you continue to move into this future that you are creating every moment of your life ahead of you and have been doing for some time, you are moving out of the illusion. Soon you are to move into a new understanding, a new sense of oneness within yourself and as you do this you will be raised into the highest heavens of your own being.

So understand that those times ahead are going to be glorious times indeed. Will they have change? Yes. Will there be catastrophes? Possibly. Will there be anguish? At times. Emotional upheaval? At times. But understand those times are minimal and will be replaced by all that is of the Oneness. All that you have been preparing for, all that you have been waiting for is close at hand. You are the Ones, the Ones that have been spoken of long ago as the chosen, as the elect, you the light sharers. You are those and as you prepare to share the light with your brethren, as you prepare to be all that you came here to be, you are celebrated by those of us here.

We are watching and are waiting. We have been waiting a long time just as you have and you are soon to culminate all that you have progressed, all that you have brought about on this planet is soon to be culminated, soon to be as it was supposed to be, as it was always going to be. Understand that when it was said that there would be a war between the dark and the light and that the light would win and the dark could not withstand the light, these are those times that were spoken of. This was what was meant. For you each one are preparing, not to fight the darkness, there is no fight left. You have already done this and are preparing to welcome the light, to know the light within you once again, to rise out of that darkness deep within you and overcome and move beyond that dark side of yourself that is fast falling away.

We are pleased and know that as those times shortly to come, when those announcements will begin as has been given, you will be ready to heed the call and we are awaiting that time when we can assist you and you us. When all can come together as One and we can walk together with each of you hand in hand and arm in arm and feel the full embrace of our being with yours and yours with us. Those times are soon dear ones and we are awaiting them. I am Sananda. Peace and love be with all of you.

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