By Jim Fargiano

Our message is always one where we hope you abide by it so that you can feel the encouragement. Each one of you is fully worth the time of the High Angels, the . This Brotherhood comes to you regardless of what level in life you may feel you are at. It is equally empowered for those who live in poverty, as well as those who live in ostentatious ways.

Living in a manner that elicits incredible wealth is not a crime. It is not frowned upon by those in . It is something that signals others to try to strive for. I do need to be careful when I speak of this subject because it is not good to be in love with money and finances, but it is good to have a love for it. The subtle difference here is that if you choose to make a paper bill more of your God, or your mentor, then you are going to be missing out on many of the experiences that the majority of people have to go through.

I want you all to understand that poverty does not make you more spiritual either. It might cause you to have a different outlook, as well as be more open to receiving the help, but in essence it just puts you in the spectrum where we hope you will strive to make yourself greater. The reason I have even brought this topic up is that there are too many divisions in society today.

That is a physical perception. In the eyes of God and the eyes of all learning, you are all equal. I say this whether you have made error after error or have lived a life that can be seen as exemplary.

We hope that you can be a paragon for positive events. We want you to be tilted towards an aspect of love and encouragement, especially when it comes to your own well-being. In spirit, we understand how difficult a physical life can be at times.

This is never lost on us, even though when some of you are going through your most troubling times, you may feel abandoned. We want you, with all your might, to pray by virtue of simply talking to anyone on the side of Light that you are comfortable with.

To us, if you wish to target Abraham or Jesus, it makes no difference. If you target your "Uncle Dave" or "Aunt Millie", it makes no difference. The words are going out and vibrating in a universal space where it gets magnified. In other words, as quiet as your voice may be and as insignificant as you might want to think your thoughts are, they reverberate throughout.

Some of you have been seeking help in many different ways. We have come to answer you. Never do we want you to feel overcome or drowned in a wake of confusion, or in an attitude of distress. I want all of you to learn to look at life in the way that you want to live it. It does no good for you to grumble and complain about what you do not have and what someone else does, if you never make the changes in your own life and patterns to bring what you want inward.

Every time you allow yourself to be touched by an angel the light shines brighter around you because, whether you try to or not, people are affected by who you are. I must add emphatically that every single one of you is a gift to God and Spirit. We cannot stress enough how important you are in the overall picture of life. There would always be an emptiness if you were not here, but that gap is filled by the light you can emit from the other side.

I realize that sounds confusing, but I would rather you stay focused on your physical life now because that is the one that is going to make a difference in the long term. I am trying as clearly as possible to get you to understand that your actions will demonstrate what your future rewards will be. That statement is meant on two levels, one being your physical life and the other being the afterlife.

We never want you to give up on yourselves, nor do we want you to let others give up on who they are. You have an obligation to make everybody's life easier. If you are a child, simply offering a hug and a kiss–or maybe doing a good deed–will lighten the minds and hearts of many people. If you are in a position to financially help, you can see the stress and burden removed from the faces of the people that you are aware you are helping.

God and Spirit always work in front of you, but in a sense behind the scenes too. Most physical people cannot see the of the High Powers, yet we are here in all ways, all the time. I want each and every one of you to think about what actions you are going to take in the next few weeks to ignite a wave of passion and to take advantage of the gift of life that you have been given.

Perhaps for some, that statement is more literal then for others. Either way, you cannot fail if you make an effort. What I mean by that is that simply by trying to do the right thing you are commended and loved that much more by those in the Golden Light. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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