2 February 2012

: Orneaha De Paoli

There are two kinds of “observation&;. The first one, we’re very comfortable with even though it no longer benefits us like it did before. The second one we are growing into and it feels uncomfortable because it’s new.

Just ask a cop. No two people see or observe things in the same way. has a different perception of life and its events as has had their own separate experiences in it. So from our individual and even collective experiences, we end up perceiving the world around us through the results of those experiences.

While the brain is mapping those experiences and calling upon them when needed, it’s doing this to align with our survival instincts so that we can learn, grow stronger and evolve from the past. This type of observance is one that results from the human mind and the one that we’re all used to using.

As humanity has the opportunity to evolve very rapidly at this point, however, our around survival are also evolving and one by one, we’re remembering that “death” is a made-up word because never “dies” – oh what a big sack of hookie that whole system is…so as we evolve past the limited human mind and its perceptions, we evolve into the and its intelligence which cooperates with your evolving head brain.

Operating from heart intelligence is going to then ask you to become the true observer, or even better…let’s call it the divine observer.

Even though divine observance is much simpler, it can appear to look challenging because we’re just not that used it to. It looks challenging because it can hold no perceptions from past experiences like the mind does. True observance will be elusive if there is even a hint of judgment about what you would like or wouldn’t like to see happen. If there is biased in any way or even an inkling of duality’s “good or bad”, true observance will remain quietly within, waiting on you.

The thing is…it’s really not that hard.

True observance quietly and clearly says that things just want to be seen for what they are. And in that clear sight without the mind’s perceptions they are able to be loved and the energy around them is released and you are free of them. They are free and balanced and so is your lineage because energy is quantum.

So many painful experiences in the past have left scars upon us. These scars, so deeply embedded are terrifying to pull out of the closet because we’re used to hurting from them and then STILL experiencing them again. This is no longer the case. At a pretty fast pace now, we’re asking ourselves to stop talking so much, to stop thinking so much, stop trying to fix or manipulated things and just quietly observe. Go out in nature and observe – that means feel with your eyes and ears and everything –

My Heart is One with Yours,