8 March 2012

Channeler: Jani King

P’taah’s Message for March 2012

Today we are giving you a little background about how you create your reality day-by-day. For those of you who may not be so familiar with these concepts, it is likened unto a crash course.

. is . Every cell in your body has its own and every is linked. You are separate from nobody and no thing.

That which is termed the concept of telepathy, we would say rather ‘telempathy’ – empathetic telepathic communication &; ALL of you have this ability. All of you do indeed operate at this telempathic level.

When you meet somebody and in that first instant you say, “I really like this &; or “I feel that I have known this for all of my life” or “I just do not like this ,” it is a telempathic communication. And where it is one of dislike, it is simply that the consciousness of the other is bringing forth a reaction of fear in you. It is striking an old chord.

So you are likened unto a grand tuning fork. You exist in a realm of the most amazing diversity of consciousness, of energy, and you spend most of your time in reaction to what is occurring outside of you in what is, in your perception, exterior to you, to your physicality.

Now, as you go about your day to days, you are most fulfilled by creative affirmative action. However when you look at your life, most of you spend your time in negative reaction to the same old-same old patterns that go on and on. Being in a negative reaction to an emotional state triggered outside of you is not very fulfilling.

And it is not only that which is great emotional activity. Indeed look at your ‘poverty consciousness’. How many of you have been saying for most of your life, “There is not enough money,” or “I would like more money”?

For many of you this a very grand issue, as is love, of course. Either you are wanting a different , a new , any , or certainly one that is better than the you have now.

So when you look at your repetitive patternings, perhaps you would like to be able to take a positive creative action and say, “All right, now I am about to change it all.” But you see, before you can change it, it is necessary to know how you create it all in the first place.

What does it mean, this ‘negative reaction’? What does it mean ‘positive, creative affirmative action’? What does it all mean? The words are very fine but unless they can help you change your day-to-day life, what is the point?

To begin with, there is no difference in how you create things that are positive or things that are negative. There is no difference. It is simply energy. It is simply ‘like’ drawing ‘like’. What you believe, what you love, what you fear, is what creates the reality, simple as that. Those thoughts, those electromagnetic waveforms called ‘thought’ attached by emotion is what creates it. Whether that emotion is what you label a good feeling or a bad feeling does not make any difference. We are speaking physics here. It is simply energy.

So when you are in a place of joy, when you are in a place of laughter, when you are in a place of focusing without any negative judgment on what you are doing, life flows. There is an ease. You find that when you are on a roll — you know this expression, ‘on a roll’? — whatever you are doing happens wondrously and everything is simply flowing. It’s what you call in your New Age vocabulary ‘going with the flow’ of it. Of course, if it is all what you would call very bad stuff, then there is no way that you want to go with the flow of that!

So let us look at how it is that you indeed create that which you do not desire over and over and over in repetitive patterning. First we say to you that those ideas and thoughts and beliefs you have about reality, more particularly that you have about who you are in relation to that reality, you learned between the time you were in utero to when you were six years of age, maybe nine. Usually by six years you have cast yourself in stone. You have formed your beliefs and ideas about the universe and about who you are. For the rest of your life, you are simply in reaction to those beliefs and ideas and fears.

Now when you look at this in a negative fashion, what you believe about yourself is that you are not enough. You are not worthy of love or loving. You are not worthy of all of the wondrousness of your world. You are not worthy of outrageous joy and good fortune. What you know is that you are simply not enough and that this universe in which you live is not safe.

Because you are so powerful, as you go about your day to days, the universe listens to your ideas, beliefs and negative judgments about yourself and your world and brings forth situations, people and things that will reinforce, reinforce, reinforce all the ideas and beliefs that you hold on to.

You create it all absolutely.