Posted on March 20, 2012

[UPDATED 03-20-12 1820 HST: has changed. It does not appear I will be posting any more today.]

There is something major occurring right now and during the next 2 days, and I feel this is going to be multiple “majors” “happening” all in a very short time period. Energetic, etheric, physical-ic, all at once, so to speak.

I am personally going to be away from the home computer location, and may or may not post anything during the 24-48 hours following the last post from today. It is 100% definite that I may or may not post anything, that I can assure you.

As I now quiet the writing mind self, and tune into the Higher Mind, I am seeing a rocking and rolling motion throughout the planet. This is occurring on several levels, including physical, emotional, mental, “spiritual”, and higher. Following this rocking and rolling is quite an , like a large mound-type mountain thrust up from the waters of the planet (I’m seeing Pacific). This is primarily consciousness oriented, and appears to mean that the and UP-lifting will occur from deep within the consciousness of all humankind. There is no doubt this will occur. It has begun already, but the High Dimensional Energetic input from the 3-21-12 will initiate the “grandness” of this .

will appear the same afterward. To anyone.

[KP: I asked now if this is something for trepidation (fear) or something that can be prepared for.]

NO. To both questions. No fear should enter into this. That is a choice. Fear is useless for this, or any other transformation. Be in your Joy state. Also, no preparation will sufficiently prepare you for this mass /transformation. You will each know what to do, not do, where to be, not be, etc. To some, it will seem as if nothing occurred. To others, it will be as if their entire former world were eliminated.

Those who will be afraid have already chosen that wake-up path. Those who are with grounded inner peace, have already chosen that wake-up path. No matter where one is on the consciousness scale, the wake up will occur. How one “takes” it, is up to them.

All we can say is that this date of 3-21-12 has major inflection point (change of direction point) within it. Some will harmonize with the mathematical aspects of this.


Source: Kauilapele's Blog