Dear Adama

I am constantly thinking about the period between 12/12 and 21/12. Will there be 9 days of darkness, power outages, fires and chaos? If so, what will happen to us? Will we be asleep or unconscious during those days?

I've also been wondering if it's true that mother earth is moving towards a black gate resulting in her ascending into the fifth dimension? And is it also possible that the planet Nibiru, the planet that comes close to the earth every 3.600 years, would cause this?


My friends,
I AM ADAMA, of Telos.

I am speaking to this question, in this now , from my . I am asking, before I answer your question with words, that you invite your to open and connect with mine. In this way, I will transmit many energies to you directly through our 's connection.

So please, take a moment to breath deeply, and receive what I am sending to you. When you are ready, you may read on.

I, Adama, am here to tell you now– there is no danger to the ascension process. You have no thing to . The future is what you create, of your collective dreams and thoughts. There is no need to think about fearful things.

I know there are many channeled messages from me, through various channels. This is good. It is important to have many perspectives. Consider the different messages as pictures of the same thing, but from different angles. Those channels who share messages which include elements or fear are in fact doing you all a great service. They are representing the aspect of the collective which holds that fear. If a shares a fearful message, it is not because they are "bad" channels, but because they are shining a light on that aspect of the collective's . Now, some channels do this unconsciously. That is ok too. Consider, they are doing their very best, to understand that fear . Give them gratitude, for they are doing a great service in shining light on that fear, so that others may help to shift it.

I encourage you, if you read a channeled message that has even a little bit of fear in it, to send love to the who channeled it. That opens their heart to bring forth what messages must be shared. Give them love. Give them gratitude. And CHOOSE to transmit those fears into love, which will become the nourishment that will feed your collective ascension journey.

I will say this again, but differently.

By sharing a "fearful" message, that channel is giving you all the opportunity to transmute that fear, completely. Beyond even that channel and that message. You could consider that message as a doorway to that particular fear, within the collective. By sending light and love to that channel and that message, you are sending love to the whole of that fear, through that doorway.

In this way, you all create a powerful cycle for healing.

The simple answer to your question is no. There is no danger to any of you. If you feel a moment of fear, ask for the vibration of peace and love. If you see someone else is in fear, ask for the vibration of love to bless that person. If you read a message that has fear in it, ask the vibration of love to bless that message, and the person who created it, and the energies that fed it. If you see a law being passed out of fear, ask the vibration of love to bless the law, the people who created it, and the people who are affected by it. In that way you can create massive change, for everyone on Earth.

With love sent energetically from my heart to your heart and all of your life,
I AM ADAMA, High Priest of Telos